Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

Hello :) Thought I'd do another friday five post to keep things interesting- with some photos from the past week or so ...

1. Starting to embrace Autumn with some porridge - this one has spelt oats soaked overnight with coconut milk, water and cinnamon, cooked in the morning and topped with a fresh fig, caramelised banana and pepitas. A little fancy! The spelt oats are nuttier and denser than regular oats as you can imagine, which is nice- but isn't as creamy as regular oats if that's what you're after ! 

2. My bread intake seems to increase in April ;) Enjoyed one of these sonoma hot cross buns last week at orange grove markets with a very generous amount of butter. 

3. I spent most of the week finishing an assignment at home - and it was actually a proposal for some research I'm doing on the mindful eating approach, which I'm finding to be a very fascinating topic. So I made some nice lunches and ate them verrrry slowly ;) This one had haloumi, cured trout and lots of greens.

4. With all this rain, our little veggie patch has been growing so much! There's some kale on the right, a lot of parsley in the middle, as well as sage, thyme, lettuce and a lot of basil in the back. It is super fun to pick leaves for our salads - and we've been making lots of pesto pasta lunches too.

5. Ok most exciting part of the week- today Adrian and I booked tickets to Europe in November/December !! We're starting in Helsinki (it was a stopover so thought we may as well stay there a few days), then travelling to Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and ending in Berlin. It's a while away- but still ... exciting ! 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Hannah x

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