Wednesday, June 25, 2014

The Farmed Table

Hello :) Last Saturday I went  to a great little pop up restaurant in Surry Hills called The Farmed Table. Every few weeks, the region where the food is sourced changes. When Adrian and I went, the Hawkesbury and Hunter region were showcased, and the food sourced direct from farmers, producers and artisans within a 50km radius. Yep, everything except the salt and pepper is locally sourced! My kinda place. 

The menu is set at $55 per person, or $80 per person with wines - and is excellent value considering  how beautiful the food was. There were two shared starters, as well as two individual mains and one dessert. I didn't take photos of the starters (ha you'd think as a seasoned food blogger I don't get hesitant taking food photos in public, but oh I do!), but they were lovely ... we had leek, with grilled romanesco cauliflower and shaved lemons and shaved cabbage, with smoked pumpkin, roasted chilli and cows feta. 

The first individual main was hawkesbury whitebait with sweet corn, foraged sea plants and cured mullet roe. So very delicious - the foraged sea plants had a lovely flavour !

The other main was redgate farm duck with kohlrabi, wild weeds (sowthistle, turnip weed), citrus and crispy cavolo nero. The duck was ahhhmazing - so tender and delicious !!!

And for dessert (took a photo halfway through eating, sorry!) ... strawberries, rhubarb, sabayon (creamy italian dessert made with egg yolks, sugar and wine) and a fennel meringue. Lovely flavour combination, and loved the pop of fennel from the meringue. 

I love little pop up restaurants like this, with the focus on showcasing local, seasonable and sustainable produce (reminds me of The Eat In we went to last year). It was a cosy space, with only 20 or so seats, so I'd advise booking in advance! I'd want to go back just for the duck ... 

Hannah x

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  1. i have a new found love of rhubarb so your dessert sounds amazing!