Friday, September 26, 2014

Meal Inspiration

Hello :) Friday night is when I start thinking about inspiration as to what to buy at the weekend markets, as I buy most of our fresh produce/meat/eggs/bread - & usually struggle carrying it all home! Sometimes I look through cookbooks or read foodie blogs and see if a dish grabs my attention, then stock up on whatever ingredients we need to make it. 

Here I am with a basket full of vegetables from last weekend (clearly pretending I'm in kinfolk magazine)

Well I thought maybe you could also help inspire me - I think I need to start mixing up my repertoire! So I'd love to know what are your go-to dishes? To kick things off, here are some recipes that I've bookmarked to make soon .... 

Hannah x


  1. Baked sweet potato fries with cinnamon & avocado garlic dip
    Macrobiotic bowls
    Rice paper rolls!
    Avocado and sweet potato sushi

    You might like 'Kenko Kitchen' ?

    1. Yummo, thanks! I must start making more sushi - such a fancy lunch to pack as well (well more interesting than a salad!) I've seen kenko kitchen just haven't made any of her recipes yet ... xx

    2. Me neither. I like her vibes though.

      I think of sushi as... rolling the contents of whatever you want into a cylinder form for easy transportation between A to B.