Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sunday Beauty: Facial Cleansing Wipes

Hello :) Moving on from the fact I've neglected this little series and don't even seem to post them on Sundays... today's beauty post is on facial cleansing wipes. They're super handy! So as the name would suggest, this is basically a quick cleansing option. And when would you use such a wipe? Well I use them when I'm too tired to properly wash my face, and when I'm away for the night and want something quick to wipe makeup or sunscreen off. If you go to the gym, or exercise on the go, they're awesome to freshen up with.

These particular Eco Care ones  have an added bonus of being biodegradable and use organic cotton. Made with effective, simple ingredients- and they smell like delicious apples! I've only just started using them, and I reckon they do a great job of cleansing and leave my skin feeling soft and clean. Sometimes I might massage a drop or two of oil (I'm a fan of sweet almond oil at the moment) afterwards as well.

Here's the ingredient list. Impressive.

I think it's the kind of beauty product you can live without, but when you have them, they really do seem essential sometimes. Next on my list I want to try a dry shampoo (a quick way to eliminate oil and freshen and jazz up hair in between washes) and am interested to see if there's a good natural version. Any ideas? Anyway...

Do you use facial cleansing wipes?

Hopefully I'll keep up this series. I might start doing more product reviews of natural or organic products, which I primarily use. 

Hannah x


  1. Cornstarch and baking soda work as dry shampoo's. You can even add a little cocoa powder if you have dark hair to ensure no white powder is visible (plus it will make your hair smell all chocolatey!).

    1. Awesome tips, thankyou :) Wow- cocoa powder in hair, would never have thought! Ok, I need to go do some experimenting... x

  2. My face is really sensitive so i just use plain water and a towel to wash my face. I love how you're so organic.