Friday, September 28, 2012

Two Birds One Stone

Hello :) Welcome to the first of three Melbourne posts. I arrived back yesterday from the most relaxing, enjoyable getaway- it was just really awesome. Adrian and I stayed in a lovely apartment on Claremont Street in South Yarra, which proved to be an excellent location. It was a minute walk to the train station, and the street itself boasted a few fabulous eateries we made sure to check out. One of them in particular was just so good we went there three times within our 5 day trip. Two Birds One Stone. A trendy cafe very well recommended by Heidi :)

Afternoon tea! One day we got there a bit too late for a meal so a coffee and a muffin seemed appropriate to take back to the apartment. I got a soy latte (so strong and creamy!) and this apple crumble muffin with a pistachio on top. Too delicious. 

Brekky (number one!)

A peak at some muffins and the awesome interiors.

I ordered brioche toast with roast mushrooms, feta and watercress. What a combination! The light brioche was perfect paired with the meaty mushrooms and creamy feta. 

Adrian had the twice cooked marmalade french toast with oranges & vanilla mousse & raved about it. 

Brekky (number two!)

Soy latte for me, mocha for him. It was nice getting there early to sit and read. I'm getting to be quite a Murakami fan, having just read and throughly enjoyed the epic 1Q84

This time I ordered the vanilla porridge with blood oranges and flaked almonds. Divine. The porridge was just so creamy, and there were other grains (perhaps brown rice) in there too. Loved that it wasn't overly sweet either. Oh I wish I could recreate this...

Adrian had the french toast. Again! 

So if you're in the area, I highly recommend Two Birds One Stone. I also recommend getting there early, as it fills up pretty quickly! 

Hannah x


  1. The girls and I have been meaning to try out 'Two Birds One Stone' but just haven't gotten around to it. Your blog post is a kick in the bottom to try it out soon. Food looks great!

    K xx

    1. Thanks-it's awesome, so many yummy options xx

  2. Gorgeous blog! Your foody pics are amazing! :) x

  3. This makes me very happy :) Thanks for the link, lovely. I've been eyeing off that mushroom dish!
    Heidi xo

    1. yay- thanks for sharing this place!! Loved it! Ooh the mushroom dish is definitely worth getting- as was the porridge :) x