Monday, October 1, 2012

Mama Baba

Hello :) In Melbourne, as I mentioned we stayed on Claremont Street in South Yarra and just around the corner was a fabulous Italian restaurant called Mama Baba. We just stumbled upon it walking around and thought it would be great for dinner one night...and such a convenient location! It was nice just going there without expectations- we didn't even know what cuisine it was! It wasn't until after I got back and googled it, that I realised it was George Calombaris' new restaurant. Fancy that.

The very cool bar. 

Yummy complimentary bread and Adrian's pinot grigio.

I ordered the South Yarra Side cocktail with gin, lime juice, mint and cucumber. Fresh and delicious!

To eat I had the gnocchi with broad beans, mint & radicchio. So good! I don't usually order gnocchi and well this was just delightful. Creamy gnocchi paired with fresh flavours = a winner!

Adrian opted for the tortellini with prawn saganaki, fried chickpea & feta. He enjoyed the dish, although did find the prawn taste to be quite intense, as it was in the sauce as well the tortellini.

Here I am wearing a vintage dress I bought at puff 'n' stuff in Fitzroy that morning. It's navy silk with this gorgeous lace collar :) 

We definitely enjoyed dinner here, and the space itself is amazing! It is on the pricey side, but it's always nice to splurge sometimes. Isn't that what holidays are for anyway?!

Have a lovely week! 

Hannah x


  1. perfect way to go into the restaurant - with no expectations.

    1. I agree- it can be more fun that way too! x

  2. I've tried to go here once but it was booked! It looks delicious! That cocktail sounds so good. Must try again.
    Heidi xo