Sunday, December 23, 2012

Camping at Bundeena

Hello :) At the beginning of the week I went away camping at Bundeena; a short ferry ride from Cronulla. Myself and 3 good friends spent our days swimming at the beach, reading in the shade, grilling lots of veges on the BBQ, going for walks around the National park & making travel plans for the year ahead. The weather was perfect & it was a great time to go being just before the busyness of school holidays. We had the most peaceful, relaxing and rejuvenating break. Lots of photos were taken, and here's the highlights!

Our tent! 

Having fun assembling the tent!

One friend brought some henna... such a cool idea!

We used the BBQ facilities a lot & here's our first dinner consisting of red onion, eggplant, zucchini and vegetarian sausages. How amazing is the round zucchini in the corner! We stumbled across them at the markets, where we stocked up on supplies the day before.

Sharing our table with a cockatoo. 

On the second day we went & had coffee at a local cafe, which turned into lunch. Here's my omelette, complete with creamy feta and delicious toasted bread. Such a luxury while camping!

We made travel friend Renee and I hope to go to Europe for a month in July :)

Check out these weird little bugs near our tent...hmmm!

Scones, fruit & a little milk for brekky.

Birdseye view of dinner. Grilled veges, toasted bread, chickpea/cucumber/four bean salad, tuna, wine, ginger beer...yummmm!

A little cottage by the sea. They're living the dream!

We relaxed at a small secluded beach just around the corner from the main beach at Bundeena. It was the perfect weather for a swim...

Friends :)

I really enjoyed my quick camping's such an inexpensive & relaxing way to spend a few days.

Do you like to go camping?

Also, have a great Christmas everyone! 

Hannah x


  1. Im not really a big camping fan, but it looks like y'all had so much fun, it could change my mind! :D