Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Eat In

 Hello :) Two Fridays ago I had dinner at a pop up restaurant, called The Eat In, tucked in an art studio, down a laneway in Chippendale. The 'underground' eating venture is organised by the full circle community, however, the venue is actually being demolished in a week or so. I was lucky to find out about the place from Phil, a farmer who sells his organic produce at EQ markets, and supplies the restaurant. On a side note, if you're ever at EQ markets (firstly, say hi to me at the Ethiopian stall on Wednesday!), make sure you stock up on his organic vegetables, which are grown in Burrawang, because they are amazing, picked the day before!

Anyway. To reserve a spot you needed to text them, and because spaces are quite limited, we had to wait for two weeks until spaces were available. The menu is set at $50 each, with several courses. Seriously good value.

Great! Let's get into the photos!

The space. Cosy and communal.

 Our spot.

A little plate of olives, feta and roasted capsicum on arrival. Lovely.

The first course was homemade ricotta, with eggplant and warm sourdough bread, which was shared. Absolutely divine. 

Next up was kale, white beans and chilli breadcrumbs.

Adrian actually enjoying the kale. Now that's impressive!

Fried leather jacket with lemon, and cos lettuce with parmesan and mayo. Simple combinations, but truly delicious. 

Lamb ragu and polenta came out next. Beautiful...tender lamb, creamy polenta and crispy rosemary and sage leaves. My favourite.


Fennel, radish, cabbage. Fresh and crunchy!

And finally, dessert. Chocolate semi-freddo with a mandarin puree and orange segments. Loved the citrus kick!

Kitchen area. Man, I'd love to work there.

What a treat. It was a wonderful night! Real, honest food. I definitely left inspired by all the simple, flavoursome combinations. Think I'll be stocking up on a few of those ingredients tomorrow from Phil at the markets. Better get recipe planning!

Oh and apologies I posted about the restaurant when it's probably too late to go. Hopefully there will be similar venues in the future. Make sure to sign up to the full circle community in the meantime!

Hannah x

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