Sunday, June 2, 2013

Travel Tips

Hello :) In less than a month I'll be on a plane with my friend Renee to Europe! And on this rainy Sunday morning, I was wondering, if perhaps some of you could help me. You see, I haven't really travelled much overseas, & I'd love some suggestions of things to do! I have no idea of where to eat, museums/galleries to go to, food markets etc etc! The places I'll be going to...Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Nice, Avignon, Arles, Barcelona, San Sebastian, Bilbao & Madrid. Quite a few.

A few things I'm already looking forward to include bike riding in Copenhagen, staying in a little boathouse in Amsterdam (!!), food in France & spending days at the beach in Spain. We won't plan our entire trip, but it would be nice to write suggestions down in my travel diary.

Saltwater sandals I bought yesterday for the trip. 

Thanks :) Planning my trip sure beats physiology study!

Hannah x


  1. I'm sure I will think of more but in Madrid, the Mercado San Miguel is a must. We went twice in one day and had so many delicious snacks! The galleries in Madrid were fantastic as well, I'm not sure if this is still going but when we were there they had free entry on Friday evenings. Don't miss the Prado and the Reina Sofia. I am oh so jealous!

  2. Oh thankyou!! Just looked up those it- will be writing these suggstions down :) x