Friday, October 4, 2013

Remoulins & Pont Du Gard

Hello :) After a few days in Nice, we travelled to Avignon, in the South of France. Well we thought we were staying in Avignon, however when we arrived at the main train station we realised we actually booked a hotel in Remoulins, 30 minutes away. It ended up being great though, as Remoulins had an excellent restaurant we went to two nights in a row, as well as being within walking distance to Pont Du Gard ...

View from our hotel

One evening we stumbled upon a restaurant called La Ceriere, and decided to give it a try. There was an idyllic courtyard out the back, just as I imagined eating in a provincial French village would look like. The service was friendly, there was a lovely atmosphere, and the food was divine. It was such a nice place to embrace the balmy summer evenings ...

Both evenings we ordered an entree and main, with kir being our drink of choice

Melon and ham for an entree, elegantly plated and a combination I shall be trying soon!

Fish with ratatouille for the main. Really want to recreate this ...

On the other night I had garlicky mussels to start. So, so good.

And for the main I had a confit lamb shoulder with potato mash :)

What we didn't realise was that it was festival season, so there was music and festivities all around the place. It was a great evening atmosphere every night, with music and dancing in the street ...

One morning we set off to Pont Du Gard, a famous Roman bridge that crosses a river. But first, it was breakfast time from a nearby bakery. The piece of bread with cheese and tomatoes was crazy good ...there were two pieces of toasted bread and in between was almost like a potato gratin/rue. Pure deliciousness.  

We were told the walk to Pont Du Gard would take about 15 minutes, but actually took almost an hour. However it was totally worth it because of what we came across on the way ...

Yes, that is a fruit shop in the middle of the road in the South of France. I couldn't really get over it. It's the things like this, which I'll always remember ...stumbling across a fruit shop in the French countryside. 

Naturally, we stocked up on sweet nectarines and plums. 

Pont Du Gard. Just wow. It was incredible walking along the bridge and we even went for a swim in the river. Probably the most picturesque places I've ever been swimming !!

So there are just a few snapshots of our time in the South of France. There is another post to come on our time in Avignon, Arles, and Tarascon :)

Have a fun long weekend !! 

Hannah x

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  1. The food in this post looks incredible! What a magic spot. I love the little yoghurt pot, too. & the fruit stands in the french countryside, you're right - so special.
    Heidi xo