Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Weekends

Hello :) I've had two really nice weekends, and thought I'd document them here ... 

Last Saturday morning I went with my sister to Eveleigh markets. Aren't these heirloom carrots pretty?

Piccolo sipping

Still loving my green smoothies !!

We bought extra apples from the market, and I made a spiced apple chutney from The Kinfolk Table. I've decided every few weeks, I'll make a chutney to keep in the fridge- cause they're such a nice thing to have with meat or on a sandwich etc ... Lately chutney + cheese on toast is my favourite thing.

Dinner was organic pork schnitzel with steamed potatoes, radicchio/cos/avo salad and the spiced apple chutney.

And last Sunday, I started again selling Little China Teas at Marrickville markets. My sister helped me set up & had this delicious fritter plate. Yummo.

I've had this undercut for a while, and get it trimmed every few weeks at the markets. High maintenance!

This Saturday I went back to Eveleigh markets. It has one of the best selections of organic vegetables and grass fed meat I reckon- and this time I looked around and compared prices a little more, so found it to be more reasonably priced. Sure it's a bit more yuppie compared to the hipsters at Marrickville though ;)

I baked these scrumptious banana bread muffin tops from Oh She Glows, and so should you !! They are a mix of dates, bananas, oats, coconut oil, choc chips, and that's basically it ... gooey and moreish. This was the muffins before they were baked.

Sunday was Australia Day and we spent the morning in the city wandering around the rocks and walking along the harbour bridge. Time with the fam bam. 

A new book from Mum :)

Does anyone else wear goggles when they chop onions to prevent crying? Just me .... ok.

Monday (today!) was the public holiday and we left early in the morning for a swim at Shark Bay in Neilsen Park, Vaucluse. The water was a little cold but worth the plunge. Such a lovely spot in Sydney. 

Love a sunny afternoon in bed with a book ...

Dinner tonight ... I made these spicy corn fritters topped with pepe saya butter and chili jam, and some haloumi and cucumber on the side. Highly recommend these gluten-free fritters (made with almond meal), although they were a little crumbly. 

How did you spend the long weekend?

Hannah x


  1. lol i've heard the goggle trick but then I'd need prescription ones! haha.... i have started burning a tea light - this burns the onion vapour before it gets a chance to reach your eyes. It does work!

  2. HAHAHA how cute are you in goggles when chopping onions!!! Love it!