Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Snaps

Hello :) Long time, no blog! To be honest, I haven't felt like blogging lately- you see as much as I do enjoy posting pictures, I don't ever want it to feel forced, so I only try to post when I'm really in the mood. Do any other bloggers out there feel the same way? But here I am, with some pictures of what I've been up to ... keeping busy enough with little appointments here and there. Life is good.

I recently discovered this tea and it is so divine! It's a mix of three types of cinnamon and licorice- and is hence warming, so I sip it in the cooler evenings.

Lunch for two a week or so ago.

Whenever I swim laps at Prince Alfred Pool- which is usually once a week, I'll walk to Reuben Hills cafe and order a cold drip coffee. It's refreshing and fruity, perfect after a swim. Although for solo novel reading I find the cafe a bit too noisy.

My friend Peter who's a TCM practitioner/acupuncturist gave me some acupuncture last week- it was cool !! I had about 5 needles in some general points and it's definitely an odd sensation, a little tingly and numbing after a while. I don't know too much about acupuncture, but find it so fascinating.

Peter formulates the teas and soups for Little China Teas (the tea company I work for at Marrickville markets) and is super knowledgeable in regards to all this TCM. I have been visiting his clinic once a week to help out with Little China Teas (writing newsletters, brochures, blogposts etc), and it has been fun. Kinda like an informal internship.

Last Thursday I went with my friend Martin to The Grounds- it's quite a trek by public transport; about a 20 minute walk from St Peter's station. It's times like these I feel a little guilty for not having my license ... yep, I don't actually have my L's! Although in my defence, I live in the Inner West and really there's no need (for now anyway!)

At The Grounds I had a delicious steak sandwich- though I think next time I'll get takeaway cakes and coffee to sit outside because the garden is just so lovely (and I found the cafe a bit loud and dark, well one part is) ...

Hi Martin! We used to live near each other in Newtown, then he moved away in primary school- but now we both go to uni together in Wollongong. Isn't it lovely rekindling friendships even after several years ?! It's good to see he's rocking a moustache- back to his Newtown hipster roots ... is that a double shot 3/4 latte Martin? Ha!

Pretty roses at The Grounds florists- I bet they were snatched up for Valentines Day ...

At the florist I bought this awesome stainless steel straw for smoothies. At first I thought it would be a bit gimmicky, but I've used it every day since :) 

Green tea + red bean gelato from N2 extreme gelato in Chinatown. So, so good !

I only buy the paper on Tuesday ;)

I had a great lunch with my friend Lyfina last week, at West Juliette in Marrickville. They have an all day brekky so I opted for scrambled eggs (with some yoghurt mixed through) & served with gravlax, fennel and greens on sonoma miche bread (like totes my fav bread ever) 

And finally ... pouring milk in black tea. I love pretty little moments like these.

Hannah x

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  1. Such great food pictures! I still need to head to the Grounds! Especially bc I live so close!
    I also don't even have my L's hahahahhaa. So glad I'm not the only one!