Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Wednesday Routine

Hello :) What I like so much about this semester of uni is that every day is different. I don't have too many contact hours at uni, so have a little bit more spare time to play with. For example my Monday involves a morning ballet class, then I'll get a coffee somewhere and might go for a swim before heading home to do some work. Even when I have the whole day free, I'll create a nice morning routine- because it forces me to get out of the house to do some exercise (usually) and sets me up for a productive afternoon of study (again, usually!)

Another day I look forward to is Wednesday, where as of a month ago I have a morning routine. I go to Peter's clinic in Bondi (the very knowledgable TCM practitioner who formulates the teas/soups I sell at the markets) & we write some articles about TCM which will eventually pop onto the new Little China Tea website.

But before I get there mid morning, I now get an early bus to Bronte, get a coffee from the busy cafe Three Blue Ducks, and buy a rye and caraway loaf from Iggys (just discovered this brilliant bakery!!) Then I'll walk to Bronte beach, sit for a bit, and then walk from Bronte to Bondi beach. At Bondi I'll peruse a health food store or two, then go to Peter's clinic. I don't live near Bondi, so it's definitely a nice excuse to hang around that area of Sydney more often- and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Some snaps from my wednesday morning routine ...

A sneaky photo of Iggs Bakery- anyone else a fan of this sourdough bread? Oh the bagels are so good as well !!

Close up of the rye and caraway loaf 

Bronte beach ... next week I'm going to go swimming !!

What routines do you look forward to each week?

Hannah x

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