Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Of Late

Hello :) Another collage of snapshots from the past little while ...

Coconut prawns for dinner, recipe courtesy of @foodnessforgoodness on instagram- all  you do it coat raw, shelled prawns in coconut flour, dip in a whisked egg, and roll in some shredded coconut (add some salt/pepper) and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Thanks Jenine!

I discovered french saucisson at the markets- and hence weekend snacking just got a little fancier. I'll also have a few slices with my boiled egg in the morning ...

Last Tuesday evening I went to Lee's Eat Yourself Beautiful book launch at egg of the universe cafe in Rozelle. It was a lovely and crowded affair, and was fun spotting people in the wellness industry (Belle from the whole pantry app and Kristen from orchard st juices for example)- and Therese Kerr was there too giving a speech. 
Lee Holmes and Therese Kerr

Myself and Lee 

Something I got very excited about from the event was a goodie bag !! It came with some flippin' awesome products that were mostly full sized (& things I actually needed!) ... here's the best products: a brightening serum (worth $80!), a lovely highlighting cream (adding a nice shimmer to my upper cheekbones), a green powder to boost my smoothies, a lipbalm (this is actually one of my favourites) & some dry shampoo I want to try.

Celebrated my Dad's birthday last Friday evening with the best dumplings at Din Tai Fung. The xiao long bao were truly delicious.

Adrian, myself and my sister.

Late afternoon light in my room ...

A few weeks ago I made this peach and ginger cake and it was divine !!! 

I popped some aesop body moisturiser in one of their travel containers - & carry it in my bag for hand cream on the go, it's very useful !

Gumption- a new coffee place in The Strand (from the lady behind coffee alchemy in marrickville) has to be the best coffee in the city, well I like it ! Here's my very strong piccolo ...

After 2 years of ballet it was time to get another pair of ballet slippers- ahh they're so pretty and clean I don't want to wear them ...

And finally ... I am happy to announce I'm expanding my tea stall at marrickville markets to include more wellness products. I'm lucky to have a friend Sonja who has a skincare brand Amica Organics - so I'll be stocking her products as well as this beautiful rosehip oil from Araucana. I also want to stock a beautiful lipbalm and handcream, as well as teacups, teapots and dry body brushes etc. A nice selection of products I love and I hope other people will love as well :) So come down and and say hi if you're in the area ... 

Hannah x

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  1. OMG i love Din Tai Fung.
    The best dumplings ever, without a doubt. And despite how busy they always are, the staff are always so accommodating and nice.