Monday, July 14, 2014

Mindful Monday: Eating Without Distraction

Hello :) Welcome to the first proper post of Mindful Mondays - and if you're unsure what I am talking you might want to read this post. Considering my research on mindful eating is what propelled me to initiate this little series, I thought it is only natural to begin on said topic. It was interesting - when I researching for my literature review, I'd usually tell people about my research topic when they asked me how uni was going, as it seemed the subject I was most interested in, and it was interesting hearing people's responses.

I remember my ballet teacher Anne saying how important mindful eating  was to her, in the sense that she  tries to eat without any distraction; no phones, books or newspapers. It was something she held onto after attending a buddhist retreat, where during meal times everyone was silent, as they were encouraged to simply enjoy the food by thinking about the different tastes, textures, smells, where it came from, how it was prepared etc. What a lovely ritual.

A recent solo lunch at Emilia Pasta in Surry Hills - goats cheese and beetroot ravioli with salsa verde and kale. They were pillows of heaven! 

This idea of eating without distraction does seem especially relevant nowadays where everything is quick and on-the-go ... eating at our desks, rushing around with takeaway coffee cups - all without really thinking about what we are eating/sipping. I love the concept of sitting down and taking a moment to appreciate where the food comes from and how it was prepared.

Of late I have been trying to make a conscious effort to eat without distractions - but I acknowledge that it doesn't happen at every meal. Often my breakfasts are eaten in bed listening to the radio, and sometimes dinners are eaten while watching masterchef and I'm okay with that. I find lunch at home is my favourite time to relax and take time out - so even if it just for one meal a day, it's nice to have time to slow down and add some calm into an everyday ritual.

An organic vegetable stall at Salamanca markets in Hobart.

There seems to be something so simple, yet so important about eating mindfully, and allowing yourself to be in the present moment; taking time to fuel and nourish your body.

So perhaps for the next week - observe the ritual of how you eat. If you feel like you are rushing through meals, take a step back and make a conscious effort to slow down. Turning off your phone helps! Even if it's just for one meal a day...

I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Hannah x

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  1. A very commendable concept and one that can feel hard to follow when too often we're multi-tasking! Will definitely try and give this a go!