Monday, July 28, 2014

Mindful Monday: Morning Routines

Hello :) You know I don't know a great deal about mindfulness (though hopefully I'll learn a few things from doing this series!) - but when I think of being mindful, terms like being in the present moment or awareness or feeling calm and centred come to mind. And one of those things that can certainly help you feel a little less frazzled as you get on with the day, is having a nice, quiet morning routine to kind of set you up.

Twice a week I'll do an 8am yoga class, which I consider to be my morning routine on those days. It is definitely a great feeling finishing the class early at 9am, and knowing there is so much left of the day to enjoy. Despite it being difficult to jump out of bed around 6:30, I do it knowing that it'll be worth it afterwards. I think that's the thing with morning routines - it's only until you start one that you know how valuable and rewarding it can be. 

On the days I don't do yoga - I would love to wake a little earlier and find half an hour or an hour to do some simple things to feel centred and ready to start the day. It might include lighting some incense and sipping on tea, or doing some yoga stretches, or taking deep breaths or reading a magazine. I think everyone has their own way of staying mindful which doesn't always have to strictly be yoga or meditation. Sitting in the sun with a cup of coffee and taking a few deep breaths might work for you. 

So as with all mindful monday posts I write about things that I want to implement more in my life. And this week I want to start waking earlier and finding time to sit still and start the day with ease. Making time for some quiet morning moments to help with the busyness of the day. Do you have a morning routine? Will you join me?

Sipping lemon myrtle tea by the windowsill 

Oh and did anyone try the simple meditation I wrote about last week? I didn't do it everyday, but most evenings would wind down with a few deep breaths and the mantra let go. 

Funnily enough the phrase let go was something I really needed to hear last week. I had been doing a trial at a cafe which I enjoyed but was told on my second day someone more qualified had been given position instead. In my head I thought I already had the job as I was doing well, and told a few people - so I was a little annoyed. However the following day I received an even better job offer from a friend, to help out in their kitchen! It's a lesson in itself, some things are just meant to be! Have you had something similar happen? 

Well I hope you all have a great week! I have two more blogposts planned for the week, so keep checking back in. Tonight I have a fancy dinner date at Catalina which should be lovely ... better get ready!

Hannah x

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