Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Aeropress Coffee

Hello :) In two weeks from today Adrian and I will be on a plane to Europe, with our first stop being Helsinki! While he is busy finishing his honours thesis due next week, I'm planning all the real important things for our trip, like deciding which dental floss to buy and working out how I'm going to drink nice coffee everyday. I took the plunge (ha ha) and decided to buy an aeropress coffee maker, which is a nifty little device that makes a great cup of black coffee. 

You can read about it (here) if you haven't heard of it before - but basically it's a really quick method of brewing coffee that uses filter paper to remove the coffee solids, air pressure to gently squeeze the grounded coffee for a smooth flavour & only takes about a minute to brew and serve. It comes with two cylinders, plenty of filter paper and a scoop and stirrer (which you don't really need). 

I bought mine from the sensory lab in bondi the other week, and though I was a little sceptical at first -I've been making a cup of coffee with it most mornings! It is great if you love black coffee, though you could of course add milk. I'm also not buying coffee out as much now, as I have an easy way to make nice coffee at home. Will definitely enjoy using it overseas! 

Does anyone else love using an aeropress to make coffee?

Hannah x

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