Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Hello :) Two thursdays ago my friend Renee and I went to the new pop up restaurant from the full circle team called Alfio's in Leichhardt. I went last year to their pop up called The Eat In - in a warehouse in chippendale and was super impressed, so knew I was in for a nice meal. This time they've used a former Italian restaurant that has been vacant for a few years and actually distantly remember going there as a kid. With Alfio's, you pay $50 per person for a set menu of 4-5 courses that changes each night - how fun!

We got there early for a 6pm sitting and there was some lovely light streaming through the window ... 

Olives to start.

Raw mushrooms salad with pecorino.

Sourdough with capsicum and house made ricotta (shared) Oh the ricotta!!

Fish in a bag with zucchini & lemon. So simple but so tasty - must try this!

Roast beetroot with balsamic and broad beans - served with the fish.

Gnocchi with goat ragu. 

Peach tart with mascarpone. 

As you can see all the food was superb. The kinda food that I can imagine someone gathering from a produce market and cooking with friends with plenty of vino. Alfio's is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights for the next few months - so get in quick and reserve a table! 

Also ... 

I think this shall be my last post before I fly to Europe in a week (!!!) I forget if I've shared all the places I'm travelling to but here they are (in order)... Helsinki, Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg, Munich, Zurich, Gunten (near Interlaken), Lake Como, Prague & Berlin. I've written a few notes of things to see, but since we're staying in apartments I think it's more fun to ask the hosts what to do and discover things for ourselves. Too exciting! Also if you have any must see things to do for any of those places I would love to hear from you. 

Some fancy essentials I've bought for the trip ... a few novels for long train rides between most of the countries, geranium body cream (which will double as a hand cream) from aesop, warming cinnamon tea and gumption coffee for the aeropress.

See you all around the middle of december! If you want to see photos of the trip you can follow me on instagram - hfong14.

Hannah x

ps. here are my posts from last year's trip in case you want to read ... Copenhagen, Amsterdam boathouse and city, Brussels, Paris, Lyon, Nice, Remoulins, Avignon ... & I also went to Spain but never did finish blogging about it, oops!

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