Sunday, January 18, 2015

A Saturday

Hello :) Saturday was a great day. Since I don't start working at weekend markets till Feb I've been making the most of my weekends and yesterday I woke up early and went with my sister to the first Eveleigh market of the year. 

We left the market with two big bags full of yummy produce ... 

Morning tea treats from the market! Fruit bread from sonoma, goats curd and fresh figs. A drizzle of honey and voila ... 

For lunch I made a frittata with tomatoes, fennel and kale

Since it was a super hot day I met Adrian in the afternoon and we took the bus to Coogee - everyone else in Sydney had the same idea!

Gordon's Bay a short walk from Coogee is my favourite spot for a swim 

Hope your year is off to a fantastic start !!!

See you soon

Hannah x

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