Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Summer Days

Hello :) Oh hi blog!!! I have been back in Sydney for almost two weeks after my super fun Europe adventures! Adrian & I had an awesome five weeks away - and I'll probably blog about it in the new year. Highlights included seeing snow in Helsinki, all the Christmas markets (especially in Vienna and Prague), hiking around Switzerland (so beautiful!), relaxing in the Budapest baths and the walking tours around Prague and Berlin (I could live in Berlin!) … 

We both missed the Sydney summer sun though so it was nice to come back and I've had plenty of catch ups and good coffee since. Here's what I've been up to since returning ...

I went to brickfields in chippendale for the first time and oh my their almond croissants are amazing … they're big enough to share and are filled with almond goodness. Must go back for more treats.

Rye & caraway from brickfields 

I made the gingerbread cookies from my new roots the day after seeing the recipe on her blog. I have never made gingerbread before and this recipe was really great!! It made a lot of cookies which was perfect for gifting to people and snacking on … 

Went to the awesome pop exhibition at the art gallery - it's certainly good value for money as it takes up so many rooms and even has a cafe within the exhibition (coffee was great!)

I gifted these handmade polish espresso cups to two friends from a Christmas market in Vienna. I thought they were super sweet.

Last Saturday was the last market of the year. Such a nice atmosphere and we managed to sell out well before the end of the day - lots of people will be eating olives on Christmas.

Stocking up on quinoa and kale from alfalfa house 

Sunday strolling around Blues Point.

Loving the early evening light (such a novelty from five weeks of darkness at 4:30pm!!) … enjoying dumbo feather, the winter issue of kinfolk and the remains of the day.

Stocking up on essentials (the benefit of working at a pharmacy) - my friend Tara and I are leaving on Boxing Day to woodford folk festival over the new year … really excited for festival fun times !!!

Well this is my last post for 2014 - have a lovely Christmas and New Years!!! We are spending Christmas day at home and I plan on making peach pancakes for brekky (from the smitten kitchen cookbook) and for lunch I'm slow cooking lamb to have with fresh salads and apple tarte tatin for dessert. Then dinner with extended family.

2015 is going to be a big one … finally finishing my nutrition degree (one subject to go), moving out with Adrian (we luckily passed the holiday test!) and working on some new projects. See you then!!!

Hannah x

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