Monday, March 2, 2015

A Weekend in Berlin

Hello :) I haven't shared any photos from my europe trip that I went on late last year, cause to be honest there was just so many places to get through & I haven't really made time for regular blogging. Though lately I've been having fun going through the photos again so thought I'd do some posts on selected places. Let's start with Berlin, which was actually the last place we visited before flying home ... 

I had initially wanted to spend at least 5 days in Berlin after hearing about how cool the city was, however got the dates mixed up (oops!) and so we only had 3 nights. But we managed to fit quite a few things in those few days.

I found berlin to be the mostly liveable place - everyone spoke english and there seemed to be lots of Australians around, loved the bikes everywhere and all the cafes and flea markets and the really good coffee. We stayed in a nice air bnb apartment around the Kreuzberg area.

For dinner on the first night we went to a kebab shop on the street called Mustafas that our friend had said apparently had the best kebabs. We totally didn't realise how popular this place was and ended up waiting for an hour in the line!! So, we got two kebabs each cause we were so hungry by that stage. The kebab was pretty amazing though ... delicious chicken, roasted veges, fresh veges, feta on top & this yummo sauce. 

Walking around the neighbourhood ... 

Morning cuppa in our apartment

A local cafe we went to twice for breakfast ... 

I was pretty happy about ordering a flat white

I wandered around this sunday morning flea market for a very long time while Adrian sat patiently and read his novel and for some reason didn't want to stay for the whole day ...

So many nice vintage shoes !!!

A walking tour of the city was so fascinating and insightful - a great way to see the city in a short amount of time.

Brandenburg gates in the background.

Burgers and chips in our apartment :) I ate a lot of fried potatoes on the trip.

A cathedral that we visited in the evening and went to the top balcony to see an amazing view of the city 

Our last walk around in the sunshine before the long journey home ... 

So there's a little glimpse into our time in Berlin - have you visited the city?

Have a nice week ... I'm off to see chet faker tomorrow, woop!

Hannah x

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