Monday, February 23, 2015

Collective Harvest

Hello :) I have been following the collective harvest for some time on instagram, seeing all the colourful and inspiring pictures of vegetables each week. You can read more about the concept here if you're not familiar, but basically each week they source local organic produce from farms around sydney and pop a generous selection in a tote bag to collect on top of the paramount building in surry hills each saturday morning.

Well, on the weekend it just happened that I had a rare saturday off from work & saw on instagram that they had a few spare totes so decided to snap one up before having lunch in surry hills ... perfect timing! I suppose I love the concept so much because it gets you so excited about eating vegetables !!! A whole bag of locally sourced organic produce ... it inspires you to create beautiful, nourishing meals.

Here's a super smiley Adrian posing with the tote, so hipster!

Look at those vibrant colours! Eggplants, pumpkin, kale, parsley, cucumbers, turnips, peppers & carrots.

On Saturday night for dinner I made a salad with the roasted pumpkin and turnip and added lots of parsley. I also fried the peppers with organic marinated lamb ribs.

And yesterday arvo since we had so many turnips I decided to pickle them ... I mostly followed this recipe

How lovely! #icanpicklethat

A really delicious salad I made last night - roasted pumpkin, sliced turnip, parsley and kale, all from the bag. The base is a mix of brown rice and amaranth, so good!! 

And later in the week I might make a ratatouille or baba ghanoush with all those eggplants … 

Have a lovely week and eat lots of veggies!

Hannah x

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  1. This looks so nice!! I am the worst at making salads! What a great concept!