Monday, February 21, 2011

Cooking fun day!

Hello :) Today my good friend A came over to do some cooking! He doesn't usually cook much- thinking that it'll take to long and is difficult, so I wanted to prove him wrong.

A day spent cooking, sounds like fun to me!

We started the day off with some pancakes, which turned out really well! I was surprised at how well they held together.
He did a very good job at pouring maple syrup- impressive
After going for a walk we came back to cook some lunch. Pesto fettucini.
Making the pesto in a mortar and pestle. Go A!
 The pesto was full of flavour, using lots of fresh basil
Later on we decided to make the blueberry, apple and coconut crumble I had yesterday at my Grandparents, since I managed to get the recipe. I adored this crumble, and will definitely continue to make it. The sweetness of the blueberries and apple base and the coconut and buttery crumble top was so delicious...
It was our favourite dish and there wasn't much leftover afterwards...

A very fun day indeed :)

And last night I decided to get crafty and make a cushion cover using men's shirts! It was so, so simple and was really pleased with the finished product. I decided to give it to A for all his hard work. A well deserved gift! I have quite a few more men's shirts (from various op-shops) so maybe I'll continue my cushion cover making.... it even has a pocket on the front!

Hannah x


  1. Who is this mysterious A? I am so jealous!

  2. If that anonymous comment if from him, I'm going to go smash my head against a wall. (: I'VE BEEN REPLACED!

  3. What a great friend you are! V impressive maple syrup pouring from A. & the basil looks so delicious! Sper cute pillow case :)
    Heidi xo