Friday, January 20, 2012

Fresh spring rolls

Hello :) This morning after a nice breakfast date with myself (which included a delicious vegetarian omelette, I must make soon!), Adrian came over to make...fresh spring rolls (or Vietnamese spring rolls) for lunch. They're fun, fresh and healthy!

Oh and after brunch, I came across these roses which were too pretty not to buy. How peachy!
Now onto fresh spring rolls!
I marinated some tofu in tamari, sesame oil & lemongrass. I couldn't really taste the lemongrass flavour, although it smelt divine. Any tips?
 Then I chopped up some cucumber, green beans, carrots & coriander and also soaked/drained vermicelli and cut up some leftover chicken schnitzel.
I find soaking the rice papers in a pan filled with hot water works best. So that's what we did! 
Making my tofu spring rolls :) 
They were some yummy morsels! A great way of eating crunchy raw veggies & dipped in some soy sauce or sweet chilli sauce, they're super moreish! I think adding some crushed peanuts would have been quite excellent too. 
Small & sweet strawberries were a nice treat afterwards...
Although, the real treat were these mini hazlenut cupcakes (courtesy of babycakes). Cute!

Well I'm feeling relaxed & ready for the weekend! I think it may include a trip to the markets, a stretch class, catching up with friends & probably lots of tennis watching!

Also! A little while ago, I was very kindly asked by the lovely Annette from Wellness WA (a fabulous blog you should check out, especially if you live in WA!) to write a guest post. I wrote about superfood raw fudge balls, which I whipped up for an end of year gift for my ballet teacher. It was very exciting to post a recipe on another blog & would be awesome if you checked it out :) 

Hannah x


  1. I love peach roses :)! They're so beautiful and delicate. ooo yummm, when Mum makes spring rolls, she also wraps the roll in a lettuce leaf - I guess it's another way to add to our daily vegie count :) These look so appetizing!

  2. Too yummy! Everything is just better wrapped up.

    I love the plate. My sister had a dinner set like that years ago.

  3. Yum! If I weren't trying to clear my pantry before purchasing more goodies I'd get myself some rice paper for these spring rolls... oh stuff it, I have good vegies in my fridge now for filling the rolls so this is a good excuse to break my rules!

  4. I have been wanting to make these all week. Its like you read my mind all the time Hannah. They look so healthy and delicious :D

  5. YUM. Rice paper rolls are next on my to-do list. My sister has been urging me to diy them but I haven't gotten around to it. We both love your blog, by the way. :) xo

  6. gee- ooh a lettuce leaf sounds yummy & crunchy!

    Sarah- I want dumplings!

    Cecilia- hehe go get some, they're worth it!

    Leah- yay :)

    Sonya- totally make some, aw thanks :)

  7. Yum, so fresh and fabulous!! Love the peachy roses too, so pretty. Love the guest blog, that's fantastic!
    Heidi xo