Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Beauty: Oatmeal & Almond Meal Scrub

Hello :) So you know I love my oats. I love homemade muesli & have recently fallen in love with granola (made another batch this morning!). Well, let's talk about incorporating some oats into...your skincare!

Carla Oates (nice name!), author of feeding your skin writes: "oats are remarkably cleansing, healing, anti-inflammatory, softening and moisturising. They are also high in silica and therefore great for skin, nails and hair. For years, professionals have heralded oats as the healing grain, recommending them for irritated and sensitive skin".

Almond milk or oat milk paste cleanser (adapted from feeding your skin)
~Soak almond meal or oatmeal overnight in a milk suited to your skin type* and use the mix to cleanse your face in the morning. Both combinations are very cleansing and hydrating, and will keep the skin blemish free.
* most milks are fine for all skin types including buttermilk, goat's milk, rice milk, soy milk & even yoghurt. Buttermilk and skim milk are particularly beneficial for oily skin types and full cream milks are best for dry or dehydrated skin.

Last week, in my first Sunday Beauty post, I wrote about a simple body scrub, which was too harsh for the face. Well, using oatmeal or almond meal is fabulous and gentle enough for your face! I love popping some in a small teacup, with some milk (not too much, just enough to make the paste) and adding a drop or two of rosehip or jojoba oil. Adding a drop of lavender essential oil would be wonderful too. In the morning, your skin will be super cleansed and refreshed, especially as the mixture will be cold! 

If you're looking for a simple exfoliating cleanser, I recommend adding an oatmeal or almond meal milk scrub into your skincare routine :) 

Oh & my gorgeous peach roses started to bloom, and they were too pretty not to share again! 

Enjoy your Sunday! 

Hannah x


  1. I just love all your sunday beauty idea's Hannah :D

  2. Buttermilk on your face!! Awesome :) Obsessed with that stuff, it's about time I put it on my face hehe. Lovely post. Maybe I should try some for a pre-wedding glow?!!
    Heidi xo

  3. The last time I did homemade beauty was when I was a kid.. needless to say I just ended up making a mess with no results at all... this looks good though and like something fun to do on a lazy weekend.

    Great idea!

  4. Great blog, I´ll follow

  5. Hi Hannah.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love using oats and almond as an exfoliant! I love your idea of adding buttermilk too!