Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday eats...

Hello :) My Saturday started with a bowl of tahini granola, after Lyfina recommended this (recipe) in a comment. The granola is coated in a mixture of tahini & maple syrup, and although you can't really taste the tahini flavour- it sure does help make yummy crunchy clumps!
Then it was off to Orange Grove Farmers markets, where I had a delightful time with my family drinking coffee, sharing some mango tapioca (yum!) & buying wonderful produce. Wholemeal sourdough, avocados, semi dried tomatoes (bought from a deli afterwards), finger limes, handmade pasta & sauce, and a vegan chickpea curry (more information here
I am truly in love with semi-dried tomatoes at the moment. 
Reading & tea. My tea of choice was buddhas tears & I added crushed cardamon and cloves. Green spiced tea, a new favourite? 
It started to rain in the afternoon, so I whipped up some bran muffins again. 
Dinner time, and what a treat! Garlic & basil pasta and sauce we bought from the markets, with olives, spinach, mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes and basil. One of the best pasta dishes I've had in a while & full of fresh, local produce. 

So my Saturday has been quite relaxed, but full of yummy eats! Oh & what will I do with the finger limes from the markets? Well I remembered a pancake (recipe) from Heidi, which looks totally amazing so I think we'll be having ricotta and ginger pancakes with finger limes tomorrow morning. I can hardly wait :) 

What have you been up to this weekend? 

Hannah x


  1. Yummmm that pasta dish looks absolutely delicious! I love me some pasta (and garlic, and basil...)

    Was great to see you yesterday, thanks for saying hi! <3 x

  2. The bread looks delicious :)

  3. There's nothing like rain to bring out the baker in a person. I'm glad you like the tahini granola it comes out looking all deliously golden too.

  4. Oh, your market haul looks superb. Sundried tomatoes are so yummy with avocado. Well, anything is great with avocado really!

  5. aelie- garlic & basil is always awesome :) Great seeing you too!

    Tara- thanks :)

    Lyfina- haha yep, depressing weather = fun baking time! Yes I did, thanks for recommending it :)

    Sarah- agreed :)

  6. Thanks for the link, lovely :) The granola looks fab! I LOVE clumpy goodness. Your weekend eats are always so yum! Actually no wait, all your eats are!! Such fun to see and read and drool over hehe.
    Heidi xo

  7. thank you SO much for this fantastic blog! i have it on excellent authority that OFM will be launching their blogger very soon so we would LOVE to have you subscribe and we will do a hyperlink to you!