Friday, February 10, 2012

Flowers, oatcakes & teapots

Hello :) This is a post about flowers, oatcakes and teapots.

I've really enjoyed going to my local flower shop lately. The lady is just so lovely, and we end up talking about tea (which is also sells, along with takeway coffee). This is the last bunch I bought & they are gorgeous! To be honest, I've forgotten what they're called other than they start with the letter L. Anyone know? I photographed them next to some oat cakes, which I made the other day (recipe link) & are superb! Packed full of oats, walnuts and wholewheat flour, they're a filling little muffin.

Now onto teapots. I found this teapot & teacup set today. At Vinnies too! This is one of those times when a lady can never have enough teapots!

Well I think it's adorable. It was tried & tested this afternoon, and oh it makes a marvellous cup!

And there you have it... simple pleasures :) 

This weekend is going to be filled with trips to the market & cake baking! 

Weekend plans? 

Hannah x


  1. I think they are lissianthus - I had a whole heap in my wedding bouquet, they are such cheery flowers. Those oatcakes look nom! xx

  2. Hi Hannah! Does your edition of the book use just weight as a measurement guide? Mine only does and it differs from the 6 recipe sampler posted on Heidi's website :(

  3. lissianthus, yep!! Had so many at my wedding in white :) Love these oatcakes & gorgeous teapot!
    Heidi xo