Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Beauty: Lavender Buttermilk Cleanser

Hello :) Happy Sunday! I've almost forgotten I actually start uni next week, after a very long few months of holidays! Today I'm just relaxing, reading & cooking. I'm basically just trying to take it easy before I start tackling a study and work balance. And my early morning starts are about to commence again, yipeeeee!

Now this beauty post is oh so simple and requires only two ingredients, which you may already have!

Lavender Buttermilk Cleanser (by Carla Oates)
"This delightful cleanser will give your complexion a lovely glow. Buttermilk is an effective astringent and has a noticeably toning effect. It brightens then skin and helps even out tone and reduce pore size"

1-2 drops lavender essential oil
1/4 cup buttermilk 

Drop the lavender oil into the buttermilk or milk, mix well and bottle. I store mine refrigerated for about a week.

I find this to be a lovely cleanser, especially in the morning. You see, in the evening I use a different cleanser that helps remove my tinted sunscreen etc. But in the morning, I find all you need is something simple to feel refreshed and ready to go! 

Hannah x

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