Sunday, June 10, 2012

Brunch at Revolver

Hello :) For about a month now on Sundays, I've been running the Little China Tea stall at Marrickville markets, whilst Justin goes and samples at various health food shops. It's super fun- and I pretend to be the boss ;) I am, however, taking a few weeks break from the Sunday markets as I have exams, although this morning I did have a lovely time out. I went to have brunch at Revolver, in Annandale. It's such a buzzing, packed cafe. The building itself is a historic terrace and has a cosy ambience inside. We got there around 10 and waited for 15 minutes, but it was well worth it!

I had...scrambled eggs, roast tomato, avocado and danish feta with toast. Amazing! Eggs were perfectly cooked, feta was deliciously creamy. And it was so filling, definitely value for money.
Sue had...sumac cured bacon, parmesan scrambled eggs, fennel and rocket salsa. Such an interesting combination, she really enjoyed it.
I also had some ginger spice tea, which came in this awesome teapot and dainty tea cup. I wasn't really sure why an egg timer came with it, perhaps how long it should brew for? Hmmm...
Here we are! I went with my friends mum Sue (her daughter, my friend Tara is overseas and has been for several months-talk about being jealous!) 

What do you love ordering for brunch?

Hannah x


  1. sumac cured bacon sounds intriguing!

    1. Oh I know, I bet it had an interesting flavour! I was impressed it was free range too.

  2. agreed, sumac cured bacon sounds yummy! I am always in such a battle over sweet vs savoury. Often I'll go for eggs if I'm super hungry, as sweet breakfasts don't tend to fill me up too well. Looking forward to brunch this sunday with girlfriends!
    Heidi xo

    1. Yep, totally agree- pancakes etc don't seem to have much protein, I get hungry after an hour or so! These eggs certainly left me full for hours, what value :) x