Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Toasted Brekky Baguette

Hello :) I'm on a breakfast kick! Being home, I am embracing the lingering, cosy mornings, pondering what I shall eat for breakfast. Or brunch. Yesterday morning I strolled up to the shops with my mum. She was off to yoga, but I had far my important things on my mind. Brekky! A baguette and some avocados were purchased, as well my usual soy latte. I felt like a walking cliche wearing my striped shirt, and baguette in tow. It was too rainy to ride my bicycle, OK!

So! Here's what I decided to make...

Toasted Brekky Baguette

I used a light sourdough baguette as well as eggs, goats cheese, tomatoes, avocado and parsley.

1. Spray some rice bran oil on a pan, or another oil, heat, then fry an egg per person, as well as the sliced tomatoes.
2. Spread some goats cheese (or feta) on a sliced baguette, top with avocado, tomato and fresh parsley. Use a griller (or sandwich press) to toast the baguette and add in the egg afterwards. I like my egg a little gooey, so that's why I added in at the end. I didn't want the yolk everywhere!

Of course, you might like to use some other herbs or be super fancy and roast your tomatoes, or add in some caramelised onion. But for a quick, delicious brekky, this is a winner!

Yummmmmmmmmmm. That is all.

Hannah x


  1. Looks amazing. Definitely have breakky envy!

  2. yum indeed, lady. I need a fried egg in my life!
    Heidi xo

  3. Thanks ladies :) Heidi, you definitely need one- they only take a minute or so to cook! x

  4. This looks great. This is now tonights dinner inspiration - I love breakfast for dinner!