Thursday, October 4, 2012

Melbourne Snapshots!

Hello :) In my final Melbourne post I thought I'd show you an assortment of snaps from the trip...

Homemade granola and yoghurt for the mornings that we didn't venture out to the cafe Two Birds One Stone. It was a nice way to save money.

Awesome view from the apartment.

Yummy veggie burger and chips from Grill'd in the city.

We saw the Napoleon exhibition on the first day and it was awesome and very informative.

Dumplings from the Oriental Tea House on Chapel Street. Loved this place, I also highly recommend their Sichuan chicken...mmmmmm...

Chin-ups at the park, as you do.

One night we stayed in and made these delicious burritos. Adrian's signature dish. We may have set the fire alarm off though...

Vanilla and chai macaroons from ganache chocolate. Such a small, sweet indulgence.

A tourist snap.

Yum cha on the final day. Dumplings are my favourite food group.

Speaking of dumplings...has anyone been to the Night Noodle Markets in Hyde park yet? I went last night and it was so good! Apple cider, copious amounts of dumplings and all the pretty lanterns made for a fun dinner! I will be back very soon :)

Hannah x

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  1. The night noodle market sounds awesome! I've been meaning to go to the Napoleon exhibition. That granola looks so good!
    Heidi xo