Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Summer Break

Hello :) A bit of a catch up post, but I shall post nonetheless! Some Christmas snaps and some more of my recently getaway...

Christmas day was spent at home cooking & spending time with family. My dad was given socks (what else?), which inspired me to create sock buns in my families hair! All you need is an old sock with the toes cut off and a youtube tutorial (there's plenty). Here's my mum with her sock cool!

For Christmas dinner, I roasted a free range chicken and lots of vegetables. It was my first time roasting a chicken and with the help of Jamie Oliver it turned out super well! Here's my vegetables...potatoes, baby yellow carrots, red onions and plenty of thyme and rosemary :)

On boxing day we drove up to Cronulla to have dinner with family & then we stayed at my Uncles house for a few days, as he was on holidays. Adrian came too. No complaints about our view! 

The weather was beautiful everyday, and so went to the beach a few times. One must remember their hat and sunnies!

Relaxing in the shade...

My gorgeous sister.

An iced latte and summer reading a cafe. 

Spag bowl. Delicious!

We went on a nice walk around Kurnell. 

Brunch involving smoked salmon, sausages, corn and black tea.

A favourite photo :)

I love these short breaks...reading, swimming, cooking & watching a DVD or two, or in our case the Lord of the Rings trilogy :) 

Hannah x


  1. That last photo is really nice. Looks like you've had a great time, reading and swimming!
    I have just got into the whole 'sock bun' thing and I LOVE it!!
    So easy and looks so chic.


  2. Sounds like you had a relaxing break with your family. Love the sock bun and Lord of the Rings FTW. =) Happy New Year.

  3. Much much to love here. Yay for your roast chicken! The beach looks just lovely. & yes, gorgeous pic :)
    Heidi xo