Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Garden Dinner Party Fun

Hello :) My friends and I are all in our 20's now, so having dinner parties seems appropriate, yes? Well one evening a little while ago, my friend Tara and I hosted just that, in her garden. We served an entree, main & dessert as well as a drink for each course. It was well planned, with the afternoon spent shopping for ingredients, preparing the food and decoration. Oh the stress! One friend Sabeth brought a fancy camera with an even fancier portrait lens, so the evening was well documented. I was super impressed with the quality of the photos... so without further ado, the highlights of the evening, which if I say so myself, was quite the success!

The setting!

We brought out a round table, added vintage chairs, as well as lace doilies, a rose from my garden, scarfs and candles.

Silk scarves draped over the clothesline oh so elegantly...

Close up. Name card were added as well. 


To drink we had rose gin fizz. Gin, soda water & a rose petal.

 There were two entrees, the first being crispy coconut potatoes, on a bed of baby kale and topped with dill. So crispy.. so delicious!

There was also broccolini w/ almonds & yoghurt dressing. Recipe adapted from smitten kitchen, we simply swapped asparagus for broccolini. 

Extra almond & yoghurt dressing and a salsa verde for the potatoes. Talk about flavour!

The main course! 

 Aperol spritz to drink.

As well, we had handmade fettucini w/ goats cheese & roast tomatoes. We took a while to prepare fresh pasta using my machine..sadly though we left the beautiful fettucini out for two hours before serving, and in the hot weather it clumped together. In the end it tasted okay, but not exactly what we hoped for! Lesson learnt ;)

Tara and I excitedly bringing it out...


Despite the main not being a complete success, we knew the dessert would make up for it. As soon as I spotted Heidi's chilled banana nut pie, it was on the menu. It sounded perfect...brilliant for the hot weather, something we could make a few hours before and leave in the fridge, and delicious and healthy at the same time. And it was so yummy! There weren't many leftovers...

An iced chai was also served to sip on.

Now to a few other photos from the night :) 

As you can see, we had lots of fun! Dinner parties are the perfect excuse to dress up, pop on some makeup, cook delicious food, catch up with friends, and, well...take lots of photos ;) I can't wait for the next one!

Hannah x


  1. I can't wait to hold the next one ;)

  2. Oh yes, truly beautiful pictures! Way to capture such a stunning party with friends, I adore this. & I just love that you made & enjoyed the banana pie *happy dance* So inspired now to throw a dinner party with my friends, going to the effort to make super cute name cards, the hanging silk & the entire fit out - just gorgeous! Super cute flower crowns, did you make them? & with the pie did you make that sauce I linked to? How'd it go?
    Heidi xo

  3. Everyone is having some fun in the party that is nice.