Thursday, January 31, 2013

Eating Out Recently

Hello :) Recently, over the past two or three weeks, I've eaten out a lot. I have been back to places I really enjoyed, and have tried some new ones as well. So I think I'll take some time to reflect and share. Maybe you'll find some inspiring dishes to recreate at home? 

Bread & Circus. I went here for lunch a few Mondays ago with my good friend Tara, and wanted to try their sandwich boxes, so ordered the mustard egg salad w/ avocado and tomato. Fluffy white bread, with this nourishing and well seasoned egg and salad combo was just what I felt like. A latte from Campos coffee (right next door), was welcome too.

Tara chose this garlicky potato and eggplant salad, yum!

The Wedge. I stumbled across this cafe the other day whilst walking around Glebe, and can imagine it's popular with the locals, tucked in just off the main road. My iced latte and a paper, were the perfect escape from a hot day...

Messina Gelato. At the beginning of the week, I met up with two wonderful bloggers for gelato, Heidi and Laura. It was so lovely to meet these ladies, and we had a great time, despite the rain! I tried the salted coconut mango and coconut and lychee flavours, loved them both, and will definitely be back for more scoops :)

The Cornersmith. I went back again on Tuesday, this time taking my sister Rosie for brunch. I was keen to try something else on offer! Going for the second time, I noticed a blackboard that mentioned where a lot of the local produce was from. From memory, I have a lady from Stanmore to thank for the basil!

Coffee to start.

This time I chose the mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, and macadamia pesto on sourdough. Wow. This plate made me very happy indeed :) Really want to try making something similar at home...

Rosie opted for the soft poached egg over dukkah roasted eggplant, with chickpeas and greens. She's such a healthy lady!

Bloodwood. Adrian and I keep meaning to have a drink at this trendy Newtown bar/restaurant, but whenever we go it's super busy. Luckily last night there was room for us. Sauvignon blanc for him, and a perfect south cooler cocktail for me which involved gin, green tea, cucumbers, and lime. Oh yes.

We were actually en route to the Enmore Theatre, as a few hours earlier I received an email to say I'd won a double pass to see Bat For Lashes! Her new album is my absolute favourite at the moment, but couldn't justify the ticket price, so I was very, very excited to win! To enter the day before, I had to write in 20 words or less why I wanted to win, and an acrostic poem did the trick...

All the 


Loaded people.
She (Natasha)

...well Natasha did not disappoint! She is an amazing performer live, and played most of her new album with older songs in there as well. Laura and All Your Gold were my favourite songs. And of course there was her sparkly costume designed by Romance Was Born. Very cool. We were lucky to be right at the front as well, and oh how I want a fringe like hers now! Two snaps from her performance...

And finally. Reuben Hills. I went here today for some lunch. It was too nice a day to be indoors, so Adrian and I wandered around Surry Hills, and I remembered wanting to go to this cafe for a while. They serve lots of fancy speciality coffee, so I felt like an amateur with my iced latte. To eat, I ordered the dirty bird, which was spiced grilled chicken, salsa, cheese, pickles, aioli on brioche. Quite the delicious treat! 

Adrian dressed appropriately for the cool, hipster vibes...

Looking back on all these places I've realised a few things...
1. I should probably start eating out less and start saving more! I plan to go to Europe in July :)
2. But at the same time, I'm so lucky to live in the Inner West, where there are so many great places to eat. They really do provide the perfect escape if I'm reading by myself or catching up with friends.
3. I drink coffee almost everyday! I think it's time to cut back, and start ordering tea (but at the same time $3 for a teabag is a bit silly!)

After all this eating out, I think I'll make myself a quinoa, kale, beetroot and parsley salad after my yoga class tomorrow morning. Hey, it's all about balance!

Have you been to any of these places or discovered some great cafes/restaurants lately?

Hannah x

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  1. HAHAHA that acrostic poem is fantastic!! Congrats on winning those tix!
    I STILL need to get around to visiting Cornersmith. One of thesse days....