Monday, August 5, 2013


Hello :) I am back! I landed on Saturday morning and have since embraced afternoon sleeps and am slowly realising I start back at uni tomorrow. Only two semesters to go! But back to my travel adventures...I'm still working out how I want to blog about my trip. Should I do a post on every place we went, or will that be too many... but oh there's so many photos and foodie snaps and it's fun to share! So at this point, I'd say there will be quite a few posts. Yay! Let's get straight into it...

So on the first of July, my friend Renee and I left our boyfriends behind, and excitedly headed off to Europe for a month! It was my first time to Europe, so was super keen to explore new places and spend a month just relaxing and taking it all in. The previous uni semester had been particularly stressful, so was definitely looking forward to a break.

Our adventure actually started in the Scandinavian country of Copenhagen. I'll also mention now, we didn't do that much "research" for the trip. For peace of mind, all the hostels were booked in advance, so we knew where we were staying each night, however didn't have a plan when we got to the country. We just grabbed a map, asked around, walked around for hours each day, and made each day spontaneous. 

Copenhagen ...

Walking around & watching all the cyclists go past

Refuelling with a delicious smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel

The hotel was one of the only places we stayed which provided breakfast. I had lots of rye rolls with butter, ham and cheese, as well as yoghurt, fruit, tea...we made the most of those "free" breakfasts!

Stumbling across a summer market selling fresh raspberries...

Delicious salty, rye crackers. 

Prams crossing the street

An antique shop in a quiet street

 I had read somewhere about this porridge bar in Copenhagen called Grod, which sounded totally cool & we decided to go there on the last afternoon. It was a hole-in-the-wall place, just a few seats. 

Being a porridge bar, it serves traditional oat or spelt porridge in the morning and for lunch and dinner provides porridges with a base of barley, or rice (there were congee options), more "risotto" type dishes. They even had a porridge recipe book, if only I could understand Danish!

We went for a late lunch and I choose this barley based risotto with fresh peas, ricotta, pepper and watercress. One of the best meals of the trip. Seriously, the flavour was just amazing! So fresh, moreish and seasoned well... a meal we talked about for a while. Renee opted for one with tomato, croutons, pesto, and parmesan & loved it too.

The interior...

The main canal, so lovely to walk along and have an iced coffee!

Cafe life...

And yes of course we visited where Princess Mary lives! Although sadly she was currently in her summer residence...

 I loved Copenhagen... the bikes, the colourful houses, the flat streets & all those trendy prams and pregnant ladies. The Danish have serious style!

Hannah x

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  1. Oh I LOVE this post. Keep them coming, I'm so keen to hear about your trip. That porridge bar looks outrageously good. & I love the rye breads so readily on offer. Copenhagen is definitely on the list!
    Heidi xo