Friday, August 23, 2013


Hello :) Time to finally continue these travel posts. These past two weeks I've just started doing all the social media for the olive company I work for Molives, and so have been busy updating their facebook, twitter & blog, hence why I haven't had time to update my own. If you'd like to follow us on instagram too @molivesolives, that would be cool! 

Anyway! So you've all seen where I stayed in Amsterdam, now let's look at what we did after we finally managed to leave our lovely boathouse ...

One afternoon we decided to fit in with all the cyclists and hire bikes for the afternoon. We rode around  the canals and I loved it!

As a reward for bike riding, we shared a cheese fondue with cheesy bread and fruit. 

We went to a magnum bar where they dip a magnum in the chocolate of your choice and coat it with deliciousness. I chose mine coated in a milk chocolate and topped with rose petals, pistachios & chocolate macaroons. Totally yum! I think there's one in Sydney now ...

One sunny Saturday morning we went strolling ...

And we came across a farmers market. I love stumbling across markets much incredible produce!


We just had to pick up supplies for a picnic on the canal. There was jambon in the croissant and feta in the olives. 

This guy had the right idea

After we had lattes. It really was the most relaxing day :)

One night we had dinner and boats just like this just kept going past. Just your average weekday night in Amsterdam. 

Stylish lady on a bike!

The canals, the canals... so darn picturesque.

Only the coolest bar ever just near where we were staying. 

By the end of our 4 day Amsterdam visit, I think I actually wanted to live there. It was really one of my favourite places ...and I would definitely go back and see more of The Netherlands too! 

Hannah x


  1. Looks so fun!! I have always wanted to travel to Amsterdam. And 'picturesque' describes those scenes so nicely


  2. I cannot believe I haven't been to Amsterdam! It does look so picturesque. One day ;)
    Heidi xo