Monday, August 10, 2015

Favourite Face Oils

Hello :) You know it's funny, ever since graduating with a nutrition degree a few weeks, it's almost as if I've been wanting to pursue other interests! It probably has something to do with the fact that in the nutrition industry nowadays there are so many opinions (many of them not very scientific!) that I'm still figuring out where I fit in or exactly what kind of job I want to have. 

Bachelor of Nutrition Science, tick!

One of my other interests of late has been all things skincare and makeup. I think it was spurred on by an interview I read with beauty columnist and author Sali Hughes in the latest dumbo feather magazine, and really enjoyed reading about her honest and thoughtful ideas around beauty. I've since watched many of her youtube videos, bought her beauty book pretty honest which is excellent and have been to mecca a few too many times. 

About a month ago I even applied for a short internship involving blogging and writing for a natural makeup artist and got it - really thrilled! So thought I'd do a skincare-themed post to celebrate ... let's talk face oils!

I really love using oils in my skincare routine! For a little bit more on the benefits of facial oils I like this straightforward post from Sarah Wilson and this one for more recommendations on which one to use. I have probably been using face oils for about two years, since I used to sell Araucana rosehip oil at my marrickville market stall until a year ago.

Here are three of my favourite face oils ... 

1. Araucana rosehip oil. This is a really fantastic and organic rosehip oil which is made in small batches - and perfect to use in the evening and you can even mix 2-3 drops in a night cream if you want a bit more nourishment. Rosehip oil is anti-inflammatory, a dry oil (which means it won't leave an oily residue) and I like that it is just the one pure ingredient.

2. Face Hero from go-to skincare. I bought this about a month ago, as I love using the cleanser, exfoliating swipeys and moisturiser from the range. Having a bit of a girl crush on the owner Zoe Foster helped with the purchasing decisions, but, more importantly, the products really do what they claim. The cleanser actually cleans really well, the swipeys leave your skin really smooth and fresh and I really love the thick texture of the moisturiser, which I find acts as a nice primer under tinted moisturiser. 

Anyway, the face oil is really light, hydrating and absorbs into the skin really well. Sometimes I'll even mix a drop of it into my moisturiser in the morning. Even if it's a bit pricier than other face oils (well, compared to pure rosehip oil), it does come in a 30mL bottle, which is 10mL more than most face oils.

3. Sukin hydration booster. I kept using the tester at my pharmacy job, so finally I just bought a bottle a little while ago. It is a mix of jojoba, almond oil, argan and immortelle, with a light scent of rose. This one is really well priced and I think it feels quite similar to the go-to skincare face oil. 

I find when I use one of these oils in the evening, my skin looks a lot more plump and nourished in the morning. To be honest though, I'd say they all produce similar outcomes - so it probably just depends on the price and scent as to which one you'd like! Jojoba is another fantastic oil (well, it is actually a wax!) and does a fantastic job at removing eye makeup and is lovely as a body moisturiser post shower. Almond oil is also very light and soothing - which I've used in the past as a face moisturiser and makeup remover.

Bonus tip - keep your face oil in a cool, dark place as sunlight can oxidise the product and it may go off a lot quicker!

Another bonus tip - when applying a face oil, don't forget to give yourself a little massage! My favourite youtube clips to watch about facial massage is this from into the gloss and this one from lisa eldridge. It creates a nice, little evening routine.

Do you love using facial oils ? 

Hannah x

Monday, August 3, 2015

Green salad + batch cooking

Hello :) I went to Marrickville markets on Sunday for the first time in about two months, and came back with lots of fresh produce - excited to cook! At the moment I find myself eating out a bit, working till late and generally not getting home all that often so it's so nice to take time to visit the markets (as a customer) and spend a Sunday getting grounded and back into the swing of healthy eating!

I ended up buying two cabbages (a savoy and green one), a whole bag of avocados, locally made organic brown rice miso (lovely in hot water with chives instead of tea), fresh turmeric, flax crackers that were on sale, lemonade lemons (that you eat like oranges, they're so sweet!) and a plethora of other greens ... 

As I'd bought two cabbages, I decided to make some simple sauerkraut in a big glass jar (I'd have used my fermenter bucket but there's fermenting kimchi in there!) and had the idea of making a big batch of green salad to have for the next few days. I definitely need more veggies in my life! I added finely chopped cabbage, cucumber, fennel, kale, red onion and dill to a bowl and gave it a good mix with some peppery olive oil and sea salt ... 

For lunch we had some of the salad with marinated lamb ribs baked in the oven with brussels sprouts and some turmeric potato bread on the side (from the Irish soda bread stall). 

Then for a quick breakfast today I had a big handful of the salad with two boiled eggs, some feta and fermented beetroot. Salad for brekky ain't that weird, promise!

I even decided to have some salad for lunch with some avocado and fennel seeds on toast. 

Now I know meal planning or batch cooking isn't all that new, but after making a big batch of the salad on Sunday and popping it in a container - I realised just how easy it was to eat more vegetables if I have a nice, fresh salad already prepared! 

Does anyone batch cook or do lots of meal planning? Maybe I should try making a big batch of falafels next ....

Hannah x