Monday, July 13, 2015

Making Fermented Vegetables + Perception

Hello :) I've been selling fermented vegetables at Eveleigh markets since the start of the year now and it's been a really interesting, rewarding job to have. Firstly, as a nutrition student (graduating in just over a week!) it obviously helps me to apply my nutrition knowledge to a practical job - having conversations with people about gut health, probiotics and recipe ideas for their kimchi! What has also been interesting is learning and thinking about the idea of perception when it comes to cooking and how some things that seem hard to make aren't really!

At the markets we sell a DIY fermenter kit, which is basically a 5L bucket that comes with a tap, out gasser, muslin cloth and depending on what you want to make (i.e. sauerkraut, kimchi or beetroot/apple) we also give you the right instructions and recipe (i.e. the weight of the vegetables to buy etc) and a packet with the correct ratio of salt, spices and a probiotic sachet. Well for weeks I'd been encouraging people to buy one (so economical! so easy!) without really considering it myself (so difficult! not enough time!) - when really it was the perception of it all that stopped me.

So about 6 weeks ago I decided to finally give it a go myself - I bought a bucket and packet for sauerkraut making, which is a good one to start off with because all you literally need to buy is a cabbage (though I added purple kale and garlic too). Essentially all you do is wash the equipment, mix the salt and spices with the shredded vegetables, wait an hour, wrap in a muslin cloth, pop in the bucket, mix in some water with the probiotics, add a weight, fill the water lock halfway and voila! Well, then you just need to wait 3-4 weeks - the not so fun part. There are of course different ways to make fermented vegetables, and you don't necessarily need a probiotic sachet (it just adds more lactobacillus bacteria).

fermenter bucket, cabbage, purple kale - ready for sauerkraut!

sauerkraut mixture ready to ferment 

I suppose what I’m trying to say is in the end what I perceived to be too complicated (making sauerkraut) was actually really quite easy and for the past two weeks I’ve been eating the finished sauerkraut most days now for breakfast and dinner. I added some extra chopped garlic and it really is quite delicious!

sprouted toast, boiled eggs, pesto and sauerkraut

Last Saturday I bought another cabbage and some carrots and decided to make kimchi. Exciting times ahead!

Cabbage for kimchi!

Kimchi mixture - I added extra fresh turmeric and ginger, yum!!

So learn to make bread, whip cream to make butter – and maybe even ferment your own vegetables … you can do it! 

Hannah x

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Oh hi blog!

Hello :) Long time no blog! I will get into more regular blogging but in the meantime here's a summary of what I've been up to inspired by this post ...

  • Thinking ... about what to do after I graduate with a Bachelor of Science (nutrition) degree at the end of the month! I'm still not entirely sure what I want to pursue yet ... but in the meantime am happy working at a few jobs and still having time to do a few yoga classes, bake a bit more, opshop and fun things like that!

(recipe from here, it was so good!!!)
  • Planning ... a little holiday to Melbourne soon and hopefully Japan at the end of the year!
  • Eating ... a lot of slow cooked soups and stews using homemade chicken broth, homemade sauerkraut, and porridge with cacao, homemade almond milk and toasted sunflower seeds 
  • Listening ... to sufjan stevens, tiny ruins, first aid kit + abc jazz 
  • Drinking ... aeropress coffee, white tea, rooibos with lemon 
  • Buying ... dark chocolate coffee beans (obsessed!), containers from Muji and polish pottery 
  • Wearing ... peach blush, berry lipstick and a lot of collared shirts - the shirt in the picture is a lover find from vinnies!
  • Reading ... far from the madding crowd (cause I want to see the film with carey mulligan)
  • Watching ... a lot of makeup videos on youtube from Sali Hughes, who I read about in the latest dumbo feather magazine
Hannah x

Monday, May 11, 2015

Spiced Spelt Biscuits

Hello :) Here's the recipe to some really nice biscuits that I've made twice already in the past few weeks. They have a base of spelt flour and almond meal, with lots of spices like ginger and cinnamon in there too. I love that it makes a big batch too - perfect for enjoying with cups of tea throughout the day and gifting to friends. Instead of galangal I used a mixture of grated ginger and crystallised ginger ... (obsessed with crystallised ginger, instant warmth!)

Recipe (here

Well I am currently at home finishing an assignment on zinc - looking forward to my coffee and biscuit break!

Hannah x

ps the blog I got the recipe from mostly saturdays is written in part by Maria who has a wonderful blog with beautiful photographs around Sydney and now Hamburg.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

This Week

 Hello :) With all this crazy Sydney weather I have been cooking quite a bit of late. It helped that I bought  my new roots cookbook the other week, and in the past few days I've made four of her recipes - can't stop! Looking at these photos - I have been making a few interesting breakfasts lately ... mixing up my usual boiled eggs and kimchi on sprouted toast routine.

Breakfast from last Sunday - multigrain pancakes from super natural everyday - these combined wholemeal, oat and rye flour with tangy buttermilk. Really nice .... 

Buttery sage mushrooms on sonoma miche toast, yummo!!

The first recipe I made from my new roots cookbook was these simple chickpea crepes that I topped with radish, sugar snaps, feta and sauerkraut - I'm definitely more of a savoury breakfast person so really enjoyed these and is easy enough to make mid week.

Fancy piccolo yesterday morning at the park hyatt 

Wholesome Anzac biscuits from the tom organics blog that are filled with spelt flour, the usual oats and coconut as well as chia and coconut oil (& some brown sugar for good measure)

Breakfast today. I soaked barley overnight and also soaked chia in some water in the fridge and this morning cooked them together to make a porridge with some added oats, cinnamon, cardamom and coconut milk … topped with a dried fig (I'll stew some fruit next time) Very warming and nourishing!

Took a trip to marrickville markets this morning for the first time in about two months and stocked up on lots of groceries including this lovely rainbow chard which I plan on saut√©ing with garlic …

All shopped out and channelling little red riding hood 

I made almond milk the other day and kept the leftover "pulp" (essentially almond meal) in the fridge to make into something. Luckily in my new roots cookbook there's a recipe for these moon macarons made with leftover almond pulp, coconut butter and a few other goodies I just happened to have as well as a cacao / coconut oil dipping sauce. Was quite surprised with how delicious they are!! 

And finally a novel I finished last week and highly recommend it, enthralling and beautifully written … 

Next week I'm looking forward to ballet classes, maybe seeing a spanish film and going to Alfio's for the third and final time before it closes in a few weeks … 

Oh yesterday I also joined mindful in may which if you haven't heard of is a monthly challenge where you meditate for 10 minutes per day (you receive an online course book) and fundraise for clean water projects for those in need. Is anyone else participating? I've written a few posts on mindfulness here, and go to yoga 1-2 times a week ... but have never really committed to daily meditation, so really looking forward to the challenge!!

Hannah x

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

A little tea & coffee

Hello :) Here's a little mid week post with photos of some coffee and tea cause why ever not … 

A piccolo at uni 

Macchiato before work at Eveleigh - it's been nice working every second Saturday there …

Finally went for a coffee at the new place in Summerhill called Heritage Brewers and thought this corner was sweet … 

They serve really good coffee in cute cups and a scottish thing called a sippet which is a fancy way of saying toast with different toppings (like ricotta and figs) which I will totally get next time!

A bit in love with my $4 teapot from vinnies (especially love the handle)… also the cake is this simple caraway and lemon one :)

Pretty evening shadows 

Oh and the same cup again! This time with a nice black tea and my new favourite magazine from beautiful pages in darlinghurst … the graphic design is so well done with such inspiring articles …. 

Hannah x

Monday, March 2, 2015

A Weekend in Berlin

Hello :) I haven't shared any photos from my europe trip that I went on late last year, cause to be honest there was just so many places to get through & I haven't really made time for regular blogging. Though lately I've been having fun going through the photos again so thought I'd do some posts on selected places. Let's start with Berlin, which was actually the last place we visited before flying home ... 

I had initially wanted to spend at least 5 days in Berlin after hearing about how cool the city was, however got the dates mixed up (oops!) and so we only had 3 nights. But we managed to fit quite a few things in those few days.

I found berlin to be the mostly liveable place - everyone spoke english and there seemed to be lots of Australians around, loved the bikes everywhere and all the cafes and flea markets and the really good coffee. We stayed in a nice air bnb apartment around the Kreuzberg area.

For dinner on the first night we went to a kebab shop on the street called Mustafas that our friend had said apparently had the best kebabs. We totally didn't realise how popular this place was and ended up waiting for an hour in the line!! So, we got two kebabs each cause we were so hungry by that stage. The kebab was pretty amazing though ... delicious chicken, roasted veges, fresh veges, feta on top & this yummo sauce. 

Walking around the neighbourhood ... 

Morning cuppa in our apartment

A local cafe we went to twice for breakfast ... 

I was pretty happy about ordering a flat white

I wandered around this sunday morning flea market for a very long time while Adrian sat patiently and read his novel and for some reason didn't want to stay for the whole day ...

So many nice vintage shoes !!!

A walking tour of the city was so fascinating and insightful - a great way to see the city in a short amount of time.

Brandenburg gates in the background.

Burgers and chips in our apartment :) I ate a lot of fried potatoes on the trip.

A cathedral that we visited in the evening and went to the top balcony to see an amazing view of the city 

Our last walk around in the sunshine before the long journey home ... 

So there's a little glimpse into our time in Berlin - have you visited the city?

Have a nice week ... I'm off to see chet faker tomorrow, woop!

Hannah x

Monday, February 23, 2015

Collective Harvest

Hello :) I have been following the collective harvest for some time on instagram, seeing all the colourful and inspiring pictures of vegetables each week. You can read more about the concept here if you're not familiar, but basically each week they source local organic produce from farms around sydney and pop a generous selection in a tote bag to collect on top of the paramount building in surry hills each saturday morning.

Well, on the weekend it just happened that I had a rare saturday off from work & saw on instagram that they had a few spare totes so decided to snap one up before having lunch in surry hills ... perfect timing! I suppose I love the concept so much because it gets you so excited about eating vegetables !!! A whole bag of locally sourced organic produce ... it inspires you to create beautiful, nourishing meals.

Here's a super smiley Adrian posing with the tote, so hipster!

Look at those vibrant colours! Eggplants, pumpkin, kale, parsley, cucumbers, turnips, peppers & carrots.

On Saturday night for dinner I made a salad with the roasted pumpkin and turnip and added lots of parsley. I also fried the peppers with organic marinated lamb ribs.

And yesterday arvo since we had so many turnips I decided to pickle them ... I mostly followed this recipe

How lovely! #icanpicklethat

A really delicious salad I made last night - roasted pumpkin, sliced turnip, parsley and kale, all from the bag. The base is a mix of brown rice and amaranth, so good!! 

And later in the week I might make a ratatouille or baba ghanoush with all those eggplants … 

Have a lovely week and eat lots of veggies!

Hannah x