Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

Hello :) Thought I'd do another friday five post to keep things interesting- with some photos from the past week or so ...

1. Starting to embrace Autumn with some porridge - this one has spelt oats soaked overnight with coconut milk, water and cinnamon, cooked in the morning and topped with a fresh fig, caramelised banana and pepitas. A little fancy! The spelt oats are nuttier and denser than regular oats as you can imagine, which is nice- but isn't as creamy as regular oats if that's what you're after ! 

2. My bread intake seems to increase in April ;) Enjoyed one of these sonoma hot cross buns last week at orange grove markets with a very generous amount of butter. 

3. I spent most of the week finishing an assignment at home - and it was actually a proposal for some research I'm doing on the mindful eating approach, which I'm finding to be a very fascinating topic. So I made some nice lunches and ate them verrrry slowly ;) This one had haloumi, cured trout and lots of greens.

4. With all this rain, our little veggie patch has been growing so much! There's some kale on the right, a lot of parsley in the middle, as well as sage, thyme, lettuce and a lot of basil in the back. It is super fun to pick leaves for our salads - and we've been making lots of pesto pasta lunches too.

5. Ok most exciting part of the week- today Adrian and I booked tickets to Europe in November/December !! We're starting in Helsinki (it was a stopover so thought we may as well stay there a few days), then travelling to Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and ending in Berlin. It's a while away- but still ... exciting ! 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Hannah x

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some things ...

Hello :) Hoping you've all been well ! Lately I've been loving ballet class twice a week (we're working on grade 7), finding op-shop gems and sourcing some new products for my sunday market stall (a beautiful handcream and lipbalm!) ...

Some op-shopping gems last week ...

An Isabel Marant coat from vinnies (!!!) Couldn't really believe it- in my size and everything! Super warm, nice deep pockets and a hint of burgundy too. Just what I need for a trip to eastern europe at the end of the year ;)

Also found a very nice jac and jack cashmere jumper for $10 on sunday at the markets- quite happy with that ! I had been looking online at them coincidentally, but funnily enough didn't want to spend $300.

Some pretty tasty food I've been eating/making ...

A little post ballet treat yesterday at black star pastry- mmm hot cross bun time of the year.

Some divine lemon myrtle yoghurt.

Tahini, banana and maple syrup on toast- I had forgotten how good this combination is ...

Some cooking from smitten kitchen ...

First up- millet banana bread. I've made this before a while ago, and this time added some shredded coconut, coconut sugar and walnuts. 

I also made a recent recipe of hers- broccoli, cheddar and wild rice casserole. A white sauce is kind of the ultimate comfort food, and this dish tastes really good the day after too.

A fancy lunch on-the-go ... cos lettuce, other mixed lettuce leaves, fennel, salami and olives.

Looking forward to my swim tomorrow morning at Bronte beach ...

See you soon!

Hannah x

Saturday, March 29, 2014

A Wednesday Routine

Hello :) What I like so much about this semester of uni is that every day is different. I don't have too many contact hours at uni, so have a little bit more spare time to play with. For example my Monday involves a morning ballet class, then I'll get a coffee somewhere and might go for a swim before heading home to do some work. Even when I have the whole day free, I'll create a nice morning routine- because it forces me to get out of the house to do some exercise (usually) and sets me up for a productive afternoon of study (again, usually!)

Another day I look forward to is Wednesday, where as of a month ago I have a morning routine. I go to Peter's clinic in Bondi (the very knowledgable TCM practitioner who formulates the teas/soups I sell at the markets) & we write some articles about TCM which will eventually pop onto the new Little China Tea website.

But before I get there mid morning, I now get an early bus to Bronte, get a coffee from the busy cafe Three Blue Ducks, and buy a rye and caraway loaf from Iggys (just discovered this brilliant bakery!!) Then I'll walk to Bronte beach, sit for a bit, and then walk from Bronte to Bondi beach. At Bondi I'll peruse a health food store or two, then go to Peter's clinic. I don't live near Bondi, so it's definitely a nice excuse to hang around that area of Sydney more often- and make the most of the beautiful weather.

Some snaps from my wednesday morning routine ...

A sneaky photo of Iggs Bakery- anyone else a fan of this sourdough bread? Oh the bagels are so good as well !!

Close up of the rye and caraway loaf 

Bronte beach ... next week I'm going to go swimming !!

What routines do you look forward to each week?

Hannah x

Friday, March 14, 2014

Friday Five

Hello :) I thought I'd share five photos on this friday from the past little while ... 

1. At Eveleigh markets last Saturday I treated myself to this divine breakfast ... chai spiced brown rice with almond milk, figs, pistachios and rose petals. Want to recreate this ... 

2. Grass-fed spicy meatballs with some zucchini 'noodles' - a lovely, light dinner. I made the zucchini noodles with an ordinary peeler, but am interested in a spirooli (a funky vegetable slicer)- does anyone have recommendations? In saying that, if I bought one it might end up not being used ... 

 3. Very pretty purple and crimson potatoes (from the potato stall at Eveleigh markets) - I always get the bag of mixed roasting.

4. Rosehip oil at my market stall ... I've been using this for about a month now and my skin is definitely softer and clearer- love using a few drops in the morning and evening as a moisturiser and serum. 

5. A bit addicted to cold drip/filter coffees of late - this one was from a new little cafe called 212 Blu in Newtown (in Australia street- just up from black star pastry) and they're served with a macaron which is cute. I also had a nice one a few days ago from fleetwood macchiato in Erskineville after a tiring ballet class- just what I needed !

Have a relaxing weekend everyone ...

Hannah x

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Of Late

Hello :) Another collage of snapshots from the past little while ...

Coconut prawns for dinner, recipe courtesy of @foodnessforgoodness on instagram- all  you do it coat raw, shelled prawns in coconut flour, dip in a whisked egg, and roll in some shredded coconut (add some salt/pepper) and bake for about 10-15 minutes. Thanks Jenine!

I discovered french saucisson at the markets- and hence weekend snacking just got a little fancier. I'll also have a few slices with my boiled egg in the morning ...

Last Tuesday evening I went to Lee's Eat Yourself Beautiful book launch at egg of the universe cafe in Rozelle. It was a lovely and crowded affair, and was fun spotting people in the wellness industry (Belle from the whole pantry app and Kristen from orchard st juices for example)- and Therese Kerr was there too giving a speech. 
Lee Holmes and Therese Kerr

Myself and Lee 

Something I got very excited about from the event was a goodie bag !! It came with some flippin' awesome products that were mostly full sized (& things I actually needed!) ... here's the best products: a brightening serum (worth $80!), a lovely highlighting cream (adding a nice shimmer to my upper cheekbones), a green powder to boost my smoothies, a lipbalm (this is actually one of my favourites) & some dry shampoo I want to try.

Celebrated my Dad's birthday last Friday evening with the best dumplings at Din Tai Fung. The xiao long bao were truly delicious.

Adrian, myself and my sister.

Late afternoon light in my room ...

A few weeks ago I made this peach and ginger cake and it was divine !!! 

I popped some aesop body moisturiser in one of their travel containers - & carry it in my bag for hand cream on the go, it's very useful !

Gumption- a new coffee place in The Strand (from the lady behind coffee alchemy in marrickville) has to be the best coffee in the city, well I like it ! Here's my very strong piccolo ...

After 2 years of ballet it was time to get another pair of ballet slippers- ahh they're so pretty and clean I don't want to wear them ...

And finally ... I am happy to announce I'm expanding my tea stall at marrickville markets to include more wellness products. I'm lucky to have a friend Sonja who has a skincare brand Amica Organics - so I'll be stocking her products as well as this beautiful rosehip oil from Araucana. I also want to stock a beautiful lipbalm and handcream, as well as teacups, teapots and dry body brushes etc. A nice selection of products I love and I hope other people will love as well :) So come down and and say hi if you're in the area ... 

Hannah x

Monday, February 17, 2014

Some Snaps

Hello :) Long time, no blog! To be honest, I haven't felt like blogging lately- you see as much as I do enjoy posting pictures, I don't ever want it to feel forced, so I only try to post when I'm really in the mood. Do any other bloggers out there feel the same way? But here I am, with some pictures of what I've been up to ... keeping busy enough with little appointments here and there. Life is good.

I recently discovered this tea and it is so divine! It's a mix of three types of cinnamon and licorice- and is hence warming, so I sip it in the cooler evenings.

Lunch for two a week or so ago.

Whenever I swim laps at Prince Alfred Pool- which is usually once a week, I'll walk to Reuben Hills cafe and order a cold drip coffee. It's refreshing and fruity, perfect after a swim. Although for solo novel reading I find the cafe a bit too noisy.

My friend Peter who's a TCM practitioner/acupuncturist gave me some acupuncture last week- it was cool !! I had about 5 needles in some general points and it's definitely an odd sensation, a little tingly and numbing after a while. I don't know too much about acupuncture, but find it so fascinating.

Peter formulates the teas and soups for Little China Teas (the tea company I work for at Marrickville markets) and is super knowledgeable in regards to all this TCM. I have been visiting his clinic once a week to help out with Little China Teas (writing newsletters, brochures, blogposts etc), and it has been fun. Kinda like an informal internship.

Last Thursday I went with my friend Martin to The Grounds- it's quite a trek by public transport; about a 20 minute walk from St Peter's station. It's times like these I feel a little guilty for not having my license ... yep, I don't actually have my L's! Although in my defence, I live in the Inner West and really there's no need (for now anyway!)

At The Grounds I had a delicious steak sandwich- though I think next time I'll get takeaway cakes and coffee to sit outside because the garden is just so lovely (and I found the cafe a bit loud and dark, well one part is) ...

Hi Martin! We used to live near each other in Newtown, then he moved away in primary school- but now we both go to uni together in Wollongong. Isn't it lovely rekindling friendships even after several years ?! It's good to see he's rocking a moustache- back to his Newtown hipster roots ... is that a double shot 3/4 latte Martin? Ha!

Pretty roses at The Grounds florists- I bet they were snatched up for Valentines Day ...

At the florist I bought this awesome stainless steel straw for smoothies. At first I thought it would be a bit gimmicky, but I've used it every day since :) 

Green tea + red bean gelato from N2 extreme gelato in Chinatown. So, so good !

I only buy the paper on Tuesday ;)

I had a great lunch with my friend Lyfina last week, at West Juliette in Marrickville. They have an all day brekky so I opted for scrambled eggs (with some yoghurt mixed through) & served with gravlax, fennel and greens on sonoma miche bread (like totes my fav bread ever) 

And finally ... pouring milk in black tea. I love pretty little moments like these.

Hannah x

Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Weekends

Hello :) I've had two really nice weekends, and thought I'd document them here ... 

Last Saturday morning I went with my sister to Eveleigh markets. Aren't these heirloom carrots pretty?

Piccolo sipping

Still loving my green smoothies !!

We bought extra apples from the market, and I made a spiced apple chutney from The Kinfolk Table. I've decided every few weeks, I'll make a chutney to keep in the fridge- cause they're such a nice thing to have with meat or on a sandwich etc ... Lately chutney + cheese on toast is my favourite thing.

Dinner was organic pork schnitzel with steamed potatoes, radicchio/cos/avo salad and the spiced apple chutney.

And last Sunday, I started again selling Little China Teas at Marrickville markets. My sister helped me set up & had this delicious fritter plate. Yummo.

I've had this undercut for a while, and get it trimmed every few weeks at the markets. High maintenance!

This Saturday I went back to Eveleigh markets. It has one of the best selections of organic vegetables and grass fed meat I reckon- and this time I looked around and compared prices a little more, so found it to be more reasonably priced. Sure it's a bit more yuppie compared to the hipsters at Marrickville though ;)

I baked these scrumptious banana bread muffin tops from Oh She Glows, and so should you !! They are a mix of dates, bananas, oats, coconut oil, choc chips, and that's basically it ... gooey and moreish. This was the muffins before they were baked.

Sunday was Australia Day and we spent the morning in the city wandering around the rocks and walking along the harbour bridge. Time with the fam bam. 

A new book from Mum :)

Does anyone else wear goggles when they chop onions to prevent crying? Just me .... ok.

Monday (today!) was the public holiday and we left early in the morning for a swim at Shark Bay in Neilsen Park, Vaucluse. The water was a little cold but worth the plunge. Such a lovely spot in Sydney. 

Love a sunny afternoon in bed with a book ...

Dinner tonight ... I made these spicy corn fritters topped with pepe saya butter and chili jam, and some haloumi and cucumber on the side. Highly recommend these gluten-free fritters (made with almond meal), although they were a little crumbly. 

How did you spend the long weekend?

Hannah x