Sunday, April 27, 2014

The National Folk Festival

Hello :) Over the easter long weekend, my family and I went on our annual trip down to Canberra for the national folk festival ! For the third year I volunteered in waste & recycling, which doesn't sound too fun- but I enjoy it as you're able to walk around amongst the festivities still (well, except you're wheeling bins!) As always it was an awesome long weekend, with days spent volunteering, going to workshops, performances, watching buskers and sipping chai tea and evenings spent dancing and crowding around the fire in the cold !

Festival snacks

A super colourful bus / space to have chai or coffee and listen to blackboard performances ...

My sister brought her african drum along and played in a percussion group

The sweetest little caravan coffee spot

Buskers performing in the early evening 

Layering it up in cold Canberra - my fav strawberry beanie was necessary !

Love all the rainbow flags everywhere 

For one day I ended up helping my friend at his gourmet gozleme stall- & for 7 hours I rolled gozleme dough with the turkish ladies and man it was so, so tiring !! My arms were definitely feeling it the next day, seriously don't know how they do it ...


There are little fires everywhere, which is not only warm- but a nice place to meet people, jam together and have conversations until well into the night ! 

matchy matchy mustard 

Goat curry for dinner from a nepalese stall

Stew and damper - yum!

I didn't take many photos of the bands (I was dancing most of the time!)- but this was one of my favourites who I've seen previously ... the crooked fiddle band. The fiddle player is insanely talented !!! 

You can see my previous posts of the folk festival here & here :)

Hannah x

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday Five

Hello :) Thought I'd do another friday five post to keep things interesting- with some photos from the past week or so ...

1. Starting to embrace Autumn with some porridge - this one has spelt oats soaked overnight with coconut milk, water and cinnamon, cooked in the morning and topped with a fresh fig, caramelised banana and pepitas. A little fancy! The spelt oats are nuttier and denser than regular oats as you can imagine, which is nice- but isn't as creamy as regular oats if that's what you're after ! 

2. My bread intake seems to increase in April ;) Enjoyed one of these sonoma hot cross buns last week at orange grove markets with a very generous amount of butter. 

3. I spent most of the week finishing an assignment at home - and it was actually a proposal for some research I'm doing on the mindful eating approach, which I'm finding to be a very fascinating topic. So I made some nice lunches and ate them verrrry slowly ;) This one had haloumi, cured trout and lots of greens.

4. With all this rain, our little veggie patch has been growing so much! There's some kale on the right, a lot of parsley in the middle, as well as sage, thyme, lettuce and a lot of basil in the back. It is super fun to pick leaves for our salads - and we've been making lots of pesto pasta lunches too.

5. Ok most exciting part of the week- today Adrian and I booked tickets to Europe in November/December !! We're starting in Helsinki (it was a stopover so thought we may as well stay there a few days), then travelling to Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland and ending in Berlin. It's a while away- but still ... exciting ! 

Have a lovely weekend :)

Hannah x

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Some things ...

Hello :) Hoping you've all been well ! Lately I've been loving ballet class twice a week (we're working on grade 7), finding op-shop gems and sourcing some new products for my sunday market stall (a beautiful handcream and lipbalm!) ...

Some op-shopping gems last week ...

An Isabel Marant coat from vinnies (!!!) Couldn't really believe it- in my size and everything! Super warm, nice deep pockets and a hint of burgundy too. Just what I need for a trip to eastern europe at the end of the year ;)

Also found a very nice jac and jack cashmere jumper for $10 on sunday at the markets- quite happy with that ! I had been looking online at them coincidentally, but funnily enough didn't want to spend $300.

Some pretty tasty food I've been eating/making ...

A little post ballet treat yesterday at black star pastry- mmm hot cross bun time of the year.

Some divine lemon myrtle yoghurt.

Tahini, banana and maple syrup on toast- I had forgotten how good this combination is ...

Some cooking from smitten kitchen ...

First up- millet banana bread. I've made this before a while ago, and this time added some shredded coconut, coconut sugar and walnuts. 

I also made a recent recipe of hers- broccoli, cheddar and wild rice casserole. A white sauce is kind of the ultimate comfort food, and this dish tastes really good the day after too.

A fancy lunch on-the-go ... cos lettuce, other mixed lettuce leaves, fennel, salami and olives.

Looking forward to my swim tomorrow morning at Bronte beach ...

See you soon!

Hannah x