Saturday, March 10, 2012

Saturday Snapshots

Hello :) This Saturday was spent in the sunshine, with friends, at markets & reading...

An early morning walk
I went to Eveleigh markets and a lovely blog reader came up to say hi :) It was nice meeting you Lyfina!
My market finds. I decided to splurge and bought some pumpkin, sage and goats cheese ravioli. 
 Oh man, I served some ravioli for dinner with mushrooms & walnut pesto. It was heavenly! I think a pasta machine would suit me well :)
This licorice tea blend is a favourite at the moment. It is deliciously sweet too!
I bought this novel for a friends birthday recently and now that she's finished it, I get to read it too. Wait, was that the plan all along?! Hehe...
Tulips from Eveleigh markets & how pretty they look in my room :)

I hope you're all enjoying the weekend!

Hannah x

p.s. I will still be doing Sunday Beauty posts, just not every week :) 


  1. Nice meeting you too. Let's grab a coffee next time we both plan on being there we have lots in common mostly surrounding how much we love food & next time I won't run away! Do you have contact info on blogger?

  2. Oh yes, of course I'd love to get coffee! I'll actually be working on Saturdays for a little while (unless you want to go to the markets really early?), but I'm at Marrickville markets (Addison Road) most Sundays now if you're ever there. Or any other ideas? My email is: :) x

  3. p.s. I just added my email to my blog, to make it easier!

  4. I love the tulips!!

    The pasta sounds amazing, you should totally get a pasta maker!!


  5. Hannah that pasta looks sooo good! I just got a pasta machine, but I'm yet to use it!! My brother gave it to us for our wedding. What a great sunday :)
    Heidi xo