Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Raw Cooking Class, Alfalfa House

Hello :) The other week I went to a super fun cooking class, at Alfalfa House, a community food co-op in Enmore. I was invited by a friend, who was unfortunately sick on the day, so I ended up inviting a friend, Teo. But what type of cooking class was this? Raw Food! It was hosted by Lydia, who is known at Marrickville markets for her truly amazing Earth plates, filled with raw salads, buckwheat/quinoa patties & lots of fresh ingredients. 

An Earth plate from the markets...

The class was limited to 15, as there wasn't much space at the back of the food co-op. We all shared a large table and were split into 4 groups, to work on a different dish. It was all about team work! 

Our group made a cauliflower salad with vinaigrette. We were given the ingredients and instructions, but not the quantities and were encouraged to taste and season accordingly. 

First of all, we broke half a cauliflower into small segments. Thanks for posing, Teo.

Next up, we shredded the cauliflower in a food processor and then mixed this with the vinaigrette, which consisted of olive oil, sea salt, cayenne pepper, chopped basil, balsamic vinegar and lime juice. 

Ta-da! Cauliflower salad with vinaigrette 

Another salad consisted of pumpkin and beetroot, very finely shredded.

Now onto the fun part. Eating!

We got to sample each of the salads, using a cabbage leaf as our plate. Clever. There was also hummus, raw cashews and grapes to add. Other groups made salads using buckwheat/parsley/tomatoes and one with shredded cabbage.

I enjoyed the cooking class immensely! Here's a few things I learnt about raw cooking:

1. It's easy! And eating raw cauliflower, beetroot and pumpkin actually tastes really yummy, it's all about chopping it very finely (a food processor helps). 
2. Use lots of flavours! Make up delicious salad dressings using lots of spices, herbs, lemon/lime juice oils and balsamic vinegar. Using lots of warming spices in particular, helps create the taste of something cooked.
3. Cabbage leaves are perfect used as a plate, and you can always eat it afterwards :)
4. You can make the meals more substantial by adding raw nuts and homemade dips.
5. The salads can be refrigerated for a few days & taste even yummier the day after.
6. Eating raw food makes you feel fantastic & the food I enjoyed was certainly nourishing for both the body and soul. It's true. 

Hopefully they'll be more cooking classes in the future! But for now, I'd better find myself a cauliflower...

Do you enjoy eating lots of raw food? Have any great salad recipes?

Hannah x


  1. Sounds and looks amazing Hannah! Ive always wanted to check out Alfalfa House.

  2. I'm a big raw food eater, though most of what I blog is the sweet spectrum. I adore cauliflower processed to rice with pine nuts or cashews and chilli. I'd so love to do a class!

    1. Oh yes, I love all your chocolate reviews! Yummm must try with pine nuts now :)

  3. looks like so much fun!! it does make you feel great, hey :)
    Heidi xo

  4. Your raw food experience is very inspiring, thanks for sharing this. People often have the wrong notions about raw food cuisine, but your experience just shows that it is easy, flavourful and of course, healthy.

    All the best experience with Relish Mama