Saturday, April 21, 2012

Weekend At Home...

Hello :) I am amidst exams at the moment, but in a few more days I shall be oh so happy. I've been in turn spending quite a bit of time at home, which I enjoy. I'll be back next week with some yummy recipes, but for now here's a few pictures I've taken around the house.

A delicious afternoon tea break. Spelt sourdough topped with coconut butter, sliced banana, chia seeds and maple syrup. Accompanied with a liquorice and fennel tea blend.
More spelt sourdough. This time with avocado, tomato & pepitas. 
Utilising this lovely old fashioned writing desk in my room for study purposes. Tea helps.
It was haloumi time in our house a little while ago. Haloumi time = fun times. 
A little corner of my room. 

Hannah x


  1. good luck with your exams Hannah xo

  2. Mmmm looks amazing! I am a total haloumi addict
    Good luck with the exams! xx

  3. Hope exams have been going well, lovely! Love your toast toppings :) & your desk is just divine!
    Heidi xo