Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Sustain Expo with Little China Teas

Hello :) I'm hoping now that I've started back at uni again (I know!), I can do more regular posts, as I'm in a routine again. Lately I've made quite a few draft posts with photos, just waiting for me to sit down and fill in the text! So let's play catch up and start with what I got up to a few days ago...

Last weekend was the Sustain Expo, a natural and organic lifestyle show. As most of you know I work for Little China Teas, a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) tea company and have my own stall where I sell the products at Marrickville markets. The brand is a collaboration between Peter, a TCM practitioner (he is also a qualified acupuncturist, naturopath and nutritionist) and Justin, who several years ago went to see Peter for a caffeine alternative and they ended up with a tea tonic called Uplift, which is an energising mint tonic and is super hydrating. Now, there's 7 teas in the range.

So, I was at the stall over the weekend (and on Friday, which was a distributor/retailer day) with both Peter and Justin selling and talking to people about the teas. It was certainly exhausting being in the same space for several hours, but luckily it was rewarding too. Getting to see and meet the people behind all these awesome organic and sustainable brands, hearing inspiring talks and sipping on tea all day ain't so bad either. We call it testing the brew. 

Here's our little stall. It was jazzed it up with some old TCM texts, some posters of TCM herbs and beautiful tea pots for sampling the teas.
The Uplift blend.
This is a pretty cool herb called purple perilla, which is used in quite a few of the teas as it aids metabolism and is also mood enhancing. 
Did someone mention a new tea? Yep, this one is called Shen Beauty, a hydrating blend which includes Chinese rose buds that help to tone and soften the skin, as well as the antioxidant rich goji berries: the Chinese superfood! It's beautiful to sip on too.
I listened to this talk by Carla Oates (known as the beauty chef) where she made skincare products using fresh fruits, vegetables and oils from the kitchen! Most of my Sunday Beauty posts feature recipes from her homemade skincare book, so it was awesome to see her in action and be further inspired to use fresh and active ingredients on my face! 
Staying hydrated with a coconut and stocking up on this organic almond and macadamia nut butter blend. 
Our stall was right next to Peppermint magazine, an amazing eco fashion and lifestyle read. I just recently bought their latest issue (featuring Sarah from My New Roots!) and was really impressed. It's such a great resource for learning about sustainable ethical brands as well, especially in terms of clothing and beauty products. It makes you think twice about where your products come from!

The ladies were really friendly and lovely to talk to, and we gave them some of our Bo He (peppermint) tea which seemed suitable ;)
Being part of the expo was lots of fun and I'm glad for the opportunity to work there, however when the clock struck 5pm on Sunday I think we were all glad to go home :) Until next time!

Have you been to the Sustain Expo before?

Hannah x

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