Saturday, July 28, 2012

White Rabbit Gallery Teahouse

Hello :) I'm trying to start taking my camera out to more places I go to, so here's some snaps of my Thursday morning. Adrian and I went to the White Rabbit Gallery and the teahouse afterwards. I find Asian art particularly interesting, especially reading about Asian history- so I really enjoyed spending time there. Tea and dumplings were a lovely way to conclude.

A sample of the teas were brought out to help with decision making.
I chose the princess flower tea, which opens up and has a subtle jasmine flavour. The teapot was gorgeous, as were the dainty cups.
So pretty watching it bloom!
Adrian's book suited the gallery quite nicely.
Egg and chive dumplings were shared :)

We had plans to see the Japanese exhibition at the NSW art gallery, but were a little arted out! I can see having Thursdays off this semester is going to be exhausting ;)

Hannah x


  1. Where is white rabbit gallery? How were the dumplings? :) -kc

  2. Oh I love floral teas like that, so pretty! The dumplings look very yummy. Have you tried the tea house at the Buddhist Temple in Wollongong? Highly recommend xx