Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Honey Soy Chicken Wings

Hello :) I just wanted to share a super tasty and super cheap meal I cooked for dinner tonight. Honey soy chicken wings. But before I give you the recipe link, time for another market story. Every Saturday I have my budget for food shopping at the markets, Orange Grove to be precise, and it's fun working out where I shall spend it. When it comes to the meat section though, it gets tricky. I love buying meat here for the week, because it's free range and comes directly from the farmer. Great. But I suppose I went through a period where I'd buy more expensive cuts of meat, which didn't last all that long.

Anyway, last Saturday (yep, the one with non stop rain & wind), I decided to stock up on different, cheaper cuts and have since realised how they can usually be the tastiest & cost effective! I realise this isn't anything new, but I only reintroduced meat back into my diet a little while ago, so I'm slowly learning.

The Thirlmere free range chicken wings were only $5/kg, and fed 4 people.  I also bought free range smoked pork bones for $4/bag (about 1.5 kg), and used about 1/3 of them in a big Chinese soup with lotus nuts, red dates, yam, goji berries etc. Then there's the smoked ham hock, which will be used in a soup with split peas. And not only is it more economical, but it's more sustainable to buy these cuts...using the whole animal, bones included. And there's plenty of health benefits from animal bones (you can read here)...being rich in collagen and minerals.

I could really go on, but instead I shall give you the recipe. Here! 

Although I only used the recipe for the ratio of chicken to honey and soy, I also added minced garlic cloves, and two bunches of small halved carrots, which I tossed in with the marinating chicken. I only marinated it for an hour (instead of overnight, I'm not that organised), so a little different from the original recipe...

The dish! It went rather quickly too!

Hannah x

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