Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Afghani Butter Cookies

Hello :) On Monday morning I finished a charming novel in a cafe called the little coffeeshop in kabul (a $2 vinnies find!) Have any of you read it? Well, at the end there were a few Afghani recipes and I noticed this cookie recipe which sounded quite divine. I promptly bought some pistachios and went home to bake them. The cookies have a really lovely flavour - I mean who doesn't love pistachios or cardamom?! I love cardamom so much at the moment - I always add a few crushed pods to my black tea. The cookies are also made from rice flour so they're gluten-free and give it a nice nutty shortbread  texture.

Lucky for you guys I found the recipe online, so enjoy! 

Recipe: Afghani Butter Cookies (link)

Hope you're having a great week! 

Hannah x


  1. These sound lovely! Will have to try your cardamom pod in tea trick too!