Friday, August 8, 2014

Favourite Coffee Spots

Hello :) I thought I'd do a post about some of my favourite places to get coffee around Sydney (mostly in the inner west). I have probably mentioned most of these in previous posts, but it's nice to do a collective post I reckon. Apart from great coffee, the vibe, seating etc is definitely important too. I usually drink piccolos (nice and strong!) or cold filters when it's warmer .... so here are some of my favs!

Black Star Pastry, Newtown
I love this tiny little cafe - especially after yoga when it's quiet on a weekday morning. Sometimes I'll grab a pie for lunch too, they're pretty delicious!

Gumption, Strand Arcade
Whenever I'm in the city, I like to go here. It only opened late last year by the lady who owns Coffee Alchemy in Marrickville (another great spot). If you love excellent strong coffee, this is the place to be!

recent coffee break at Gumption & sneaky chocolate from haighs

Fleetwood Macchiato, Erskineville 
A great little cafe in Erskineville that does a refreshing cold filer. They get bonus points for offering a 50 cents discount when you bring your own cup! It's a cafe that I'll happily sit in by myself with a good book.

Campos Coffee, Ashfield and Newtown
Living in Ashfield, I should probably mention the best coffee place! Campos coffee on the top level of the mall. And I should also mention Campos in Newtown cause it's another great one!

Brewtown Newtown, Newtown (of course!)
This place is always busy (though was lucky to almost have the long table to myself this morning!) and so it should be - excellent coffee, sparkling water as 'tap water', the loveliest tea cups by samantha robinson and the food looks good too (though I've actually never eaten there!)

piccolo sipping and magazine reading at brewtown newtown

212 Blu, Newtown
This cafe opened late last year and is on Australia Street, just up from Black Star Pastry. I like the nice Scandinavian layout and you get a free macaron when you order a cold filter, which is pretty sweet.

Plunge, Summerhill 
Summerhill is only a walk away and has so many lovely cafes! If I'm meeting a friend there, I'll usually sit in the courtyard of Envy, but lately I have been popping into this cafe for a takeaway on the main street.

takeaway piccolo from plunge 

Aaaaand some other places I like (but don't go to often) - the sensory lab in bondi, reuben hills in surry hills, toby's estate near broadway, bourke st bakery in surry hills and north sydney

Oh and recent discovery! I went to brighton the corner in petersham the other day with mum after her yoga class - excellent coffee and custard tarts (from luxe) ... will be back!

Anyone else love these cafes? Tell me Sydney peeps - what are your favourite coffee spots? 

Hope you have a great weekend with lots of coffee sipping!

Hannah x


  1. This was a great post!! I will definitely have to try out some of these places, I think.

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