Sunday, August 17, 2014

This Week ...

Hello :) These past few weeks have been quite relaxed - working a few days a week and filling in the rest of the time with ballet classes, doing the bronte to bondi walk, baking lots of gluten-free tarts, reading magazines in bed and booking accommodation for europe in november ... yep I am not complaining! It is so nice not being at uni, and not constantly worrying about assignments and exams. 

A few weeks ago I also stopped my little market stall at Marrickville selling teas and skincare - to be honest I wasn't making enough money for it to be viable. I could have worked more on signage etc to boost sales, but selling skincare is difficult - it takes so much energy and talking to just sell one product! And when you add in paying for the stall and all the setting up/packing up time … sometimes it just isn't worth it! Funnily enough I don't actually miss it (ha probably cause I've still been going to the market every week) so it must have been the right time to stop. 

So I have been working every now and again at a few other market stalls, helping out with food prep for a small catering business who also sell at the markets - just doing a few odd jobs here and there which seems to be enough for the moment. Well anyway … I thought I'd share with you some highlights of my week!

I made a batch of granola and gifted some to my friend (in an old sauerkraut jar!)

I went to west juliett in marrickville for lunch with a friend and had the slow cooked pork on sonoma miche - so good !! 

Then we had an afternoon coffee at brewtown newtown - and no that ain't my mustache wax!

I bought two packets of this haloumi cause it's the best (from a deli near north sydney station) 

I bought this cute english tea cup and saucer for $6

I splurged on a super warm mustard scarf from Uimi (at the shop funkis in paddington) and haven't taken it off since! I decided to purchase it for europe - and intend on wearing it everyday.

And today there was Sydney's first tea festival on at carriageworks! If only I'd known about it earlier the tea company I work for little china teas could of had a stall! We'll have to go there next year. Anyway it was a great venue and despite the rain there were plenty of tea lovers out ready to stock up and sip on lots of samples.

I bought some Australian grown green tea from perfect south which I am looking forward to enjoying in the morning, and also bought some raw urban honey from marrickville. 

Oh and lunch today - lots of local goodness from the markets including this yummy gluten-free turmeric potato bread from the irish soda bread stall at marrickville markets.

I hope you had a lovely weekend! Did anyone else catch the tea festival in sydney?

Hannah x

ps see you tomorrow for a mindful monday post!


  1. That tea cup is gorgeous and I love the scarf as well! I didn't make it to the tea festival but sounds like the first one was a huge success!

    1. Thanks :) it was such a great first festival let's I hope it continues!! x

  2. Babe is that Heidi Swanson's granola? It's making me hungry.

    1. Yes it pretty much was! I forgot to add orange zest though and used rice malt syrup instead of maple (cause it's cheaper!) xx