Friday, November 26, 2010

A Cottage by the Sea

Hello :) I've just come back from a most relaxing holiday spent with friends at Gerringong down at the South Coast. The weather has been perfect and over the past five days we've been relaxing at the beach, going on a day trip to Berry, reading in the sun, walking to Seven mile beach, having brunch in cafe's, visiting adorable shops, taking fun trips to IGA and even bumping into friends who were staying around the corner!

We took plenty of photos too in which I'll dedicate a few posts. To start off, here's some photos of our adorable cottage and garden. And sorry in advance for the photo overload! ( you can click to enlarge them).

On the way to our cottage from the train station. I felt quite 'aged' as my bags were so heavy I had to stop every few minutes.
Standing outside our cottage, where we stayed. Isn't it sweet?
Enjoying healthy salads outside in the sun. 
One night we had two minute noodles with carrot and broccoli and made it 'fancy' with the addition of tea lights and place mats. During our stay we ended up making most of our meals and learnt how to cook on a budget. This however led to some interesting combinations including arborio rice flavoured with chai tea. Hmmm.
Not just any fruit salad. Fruit salad with a white wine dressing. Jealous?
Dancing in the garden after lunch. The weather was just so lovely!
 Hope you enjoyed the photos, expect many more to come soon! And has anyone been to Gerringong or around the South Coast region? If so, what did you get up to?

Hannah x

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  1. Neat-o! Looks swell. Loving the sound of the rice dish. Well I've just come back from a Lebanese restaurant, and am feeling a bit light headed after the french red wine...ah well, chocolate fudge cake now! ps. after the waitress found out it was my bday she gave me Lebanese sweets on the house, and then I thought, wouldn't it be a great to say every time you went out that it was your bday then you'd always get free food - good one...sneaky...