Thursday, November 4, 2010

Easy potato salad

Hello again!
I think i'm on a roll...two posts in one evening. How's that for entertainment?!
Just thought i'd do a quick post on a simple dish i made last weekend. It's Potato salad with homemade pesto, which i made, when i couldn't really be bothered to cook much. I basically peeled, chopped and boiled the potatoes and made a pesto to mix through. For the pesto I used a mortar and pestle to bash up half a garlic clove, bunch of basil (from the garden!), roasted pine nuts, parmesan cheese and mixed this with olive oil to get the right consistency. Homemade pesto is so simple to make, and you don't really even need a recipe! It's a healthier alternative to jarred pesto too. Have you checked out the list of ingredients on most pesto jars?!
Here's a picture of the potato/pesto I made the other day:
The quality of the photo isn't too great. I swear it looked more appealing in real life! Ha.

But anyway...there's a simple dish to make.

Hannah x

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